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Farewell to Dan Goossen.

Photo by Ray Flores

Photo by Ray Flores

Promoter Dan Goossen was a real mensch. Read on if you don’t know what that means.Mr. Goossen died early Monday morning at the age of sixty four- his family informed.Rest in peace Mr. Goossen. You will be missed.

I last attended Goossen promoted boxing card in August of this year at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Southern California. I was very surprised and a little bit concerned that I did not see larger than life Dan and his lovely wife Debbie sitting front row directing traffic. Frankly it felt like something was amiss.

Now I know why. Dan Goossen’s passing after a brief bout with liver cancer struck a chord in my heart, because I just buried my father last year after a long battle with stomach cancer.

My dad met Dan about seven years ago when I brought him to attend one of Goossen’s legendary press conferences. As always, Dan went all out hosting Margarito, Paul Williams’ presser at Burbank’s Arnie Morton’s Steakhouse. Noticing that my father was not part of the media Dan made sure Lev (they got on a first name basis right away) was comfortable and had enough to eat. That’s just the way Dan was. He was a family man and he took care of other people’s family. He always made sure my colleague, Francisco Salazar could bring his father to the fights and gave tickets to photographer Joe Miranda to bring his dad, Joe Sr.

I first met Dan Goossen about ten years ago. I was an intern for a local paper, Burbank Times and this was to be my very first interview. Publicist, Rachel Charles made the introductions. Even though I had all my questions prepared, I was as anxious as a novice – boxer entering the ring may be more; I was terrified. I took the elevator up to the bright Sherman Oaks office and Dan Goossen treated me as if I was a veteran reporter from Los Angeles Times; he took his time and answered all my questions and not once did he make me feel stupid or inadequate . That was just the way he was. The man did not demand respect, he commanded it.

On my way out I ran into former champion, Gabriel Ruelas who looked like he came by to visit his father for lunch. That’s just how Dan was. He was like a father figure to all of his fighters. Whether it was an exceptionally talented Michael Nunn or less than motivated Chris Arreola or on again off again, James Toney, they were all his children and he treated them all as such.

Speaking of Gabe Ruelas, I must say that you have not experienced a full extent of LA’s boxing flavor unless you saw Gabe or his brother fight at Goossen’s promoted club cards at Reseda Country Club or Olympic Auditorium. Dan was an old school promoter. He didn’t need a television network to put on a boxing show or to develop a real fighter. Those were the days.

Yes, Dan Goossen was a real old school promoter, but what I admired about him the most was his ability to live and have fun every single day. It’s as if he knew in advance that his life would be cut short and decided to enjoy it while he could. Dan Goossen knew how to have fun. He was a prankster. My last memory of him was when he wagered Don King that looser promoter of Arreola vs. Stiverne fight would cut his hair bold. Just thinking about Don King or even Dan Goossen for that matter, without hair brought tears to my eyes.

Yes, Mr. Dan Goossen was a real mensch, a Yiddish word for a man of distinction. Ina turbulent world of boxing he distinguished himself as a man of character, who will forever remain in the hearts of people he touched.


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Stiverne erases Arreola and writes history

PHoto by Ray Flores

PHoto by Ray Flores




Los Angeles – Chris Arreola and Bermane Stiverne promised fans an early night on Saturday at USC’s Galen Center. Twelve rounds or less bout for WBC heavyweight championship was televised by ESPN, a network that needed the fight to end early to make room for NBA play offs. They didn’t disappoint. Bermaine Stiverne (24-1-1,21KO’S) stopped Chris Arreola (36-4,31KO’S0) at 2:02 of the sixth round putting exclamation point to a thrilling heavyweight championship slugfest. Stiverne made history by becoming the first ever heavyweight champion of Haitian descent while earning much coveted green WBC belt. Arreola said he would probably cry after winning a title, but it was Stiverne who fell on the canvas and wept big happy tears. “Yes, because I studied his tapes. I watched my opponent, “said Stiverne after the fight: “And I knew I could knock him out. The plan was to get him comfortable and as soon as he get real comfortable crack him. And that’s what I did. It was the same right hand I dropped him in the first fight.”


Arreola got rocked at the end of the first, a round filled with intensity, anxiety and competitive back and forth action. He returned the favor in the second trapping Stiverne on the ropes and landing a right that buckled legs of Haitian fighter. Arreola continued to press the action in the third and got the crowd on its feet and Stiverne in trouble. Stiverne did better in the fourth and fifth keeping himself off the ropes and countering effectively behind a sharp jab. Arreola went on to offence in the sixth stanza and got caught with an overhand right on the temple that short circuited his senses. East LA brawler went down as if there was no ground underneath him. Miraculously he beat the count on shaky legs. Stiverne went for the kill and dropped Arreola again. Arreola who completely forgot to hold got up again, but looked completely out of it. Referee Jack Reese allowed the fight to continue, but stopped it shortly as Chris did not look like he could defend himself.

“I am devastated, “said Arreola who was winning the fight on two of the judges’ score cards prior to the stoppage:” I felt like I was winning the fight. He just got me with the same right hand. What can I do? Nothing but to tip my hat off to him.”

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Arreola and Stiverne to make boxing history on Saturday night




One way or another boxing history will be written on Saturday night at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. Chris “The Nightmare “Arreola (36-3-1,31KO’S) of Mexican descent and Haitian Bermane“B.Ware” Stiverne (23-1-1,20KO’S) will collide in the ring for much coveted and currently vacant WBC heavyweight championship belt. Twelve rounds or less scrap for the title recently vacated by Vitali Klitschko will be televised live by ESPN. Throughout history of sweet science there has never been a heavyweight champion of either Mexican or Haitian descent. Both big men are fit, ready and anxious to get in the ring.

The anxiety and nerves spilled on Thursday during final press conference as normally subdued Stiverne exploded at the podium addressing his adversary.” I am here to tell you Chris,” he exclaimed:” Nobody will be able to help you on Saturday night. Nobody can beat me. I am going to whip you much worse this time.” It was bad enough last time they met in the ring about a year ago.  Stiverne dropped Arreola hard with a straight right hand in the third stanza and broke his nose on a way to a dominating decision win.

“ Yeah, you broke my nose,” replied Arreola:” But on my worst night you couldn’t stop me. You can do all the taking you want but look at me and remember me, I’m finishing you off on Saturday night and I’ll be the first Mexican Heavyweight champion and no one is ever going to remember you.” Full of fire and energy Arreola appeared to be in the best shape of his life and ready for redemption.

“We left no stone unturned in this camp,” confirmed Arreola’s trainer Henry Ramirez.

“ I’m going to knock you down and punish you all night long,” raved Stiverne :” No matter what shape, how much weight you lose or what other excuses you dream up, I’m always going to be better than you.”

They say that rematch seldom produce a different outcome. They also say that there are no real Mexican Heavyweights, just middleweights who like to eat. Riverside’s Arreola is anxious to prove them wrong on both counts. He believes that his crazy shape and all the work he put in the gym will be the deciding factors on Saturday Night.

“You lit a fire under me now,” exclaimed Arreola:” And I promise everyone here that I will win on Saturday night and I’ll give you the worst beating of your life.”

Both men promised an early night for the fans. An old maxim says :” History is written by the victor.” Who will have the magic pen to record a piece of boxing history? The only way to find out is to tune in this Saturday night.

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Interview with Dan Goossen

Dan Goossen is confident his charge Chris Arreola will make history on Saturday night and become a first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world. Goossen invites all media to a celebratory dinner after the fight.

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Bermane Stiverne Workout Photos at Galen Center

Photos by Ray Flores

Photos by Ray Flores

Stiverne Press Workout 2014 David (4 of 14) Stiverne Press Workout 2014 David (5 of 14) Stiverne Press Workout 2014 David (7 of 14) Stiverne Press Workout 2014 David (8 of 14) Stiverne Press Workout 2014 David (9 of 14) Stiverne Press Workout 2014 David (10 of 14) Stiverne Press Workout 2014 David (11 of 14) Stiverne Press Workout 2014 David (12 of 14) Stiverne Press Workout 2014 David (13 of 14) Stiverne Press Workout 2014 David (14 of 14)

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Chris Arreola Media Workout Photos

Arreola Press Workout  2014 (2 of 13) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (3 of 13) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (4 of 13) (1) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (4 of 13) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (5 of 13) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (6 of 13) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (7 of 13) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (8 of 13) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (9 of 13) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (10 of 13) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (11 of 13) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (12 of 13) Arreola Press Workout  2014 (13 of 13)


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Chris Arreola says he is ready to be a champion.



Photo by Ray Flores


Mexican heavyweight Chris Arreola wept like a baby in wet diapers when his first attempt to win a legitimate heavyweight title against Vitali Klitschko in 2009 ended disastrously. Referee Jon Schorle stopped the contest in the tenth stanza because Arreola was absorbing too much punishment. May be Chris cried because deep down inside he knew that he didn’t give it his all getting ready for that bout. Arreola’s lack of preparation was evident during his second bid at a title in 2010 against undersized Adamek who outfought and out boxed Chris down the stretch.

Like a cat with many lives Arreola gets another chance at a WBC heavyweight crown recently vacated by Vitali Klitschko. He is going to face a man who has already beaten him once last year, Bermane Stiverne (23-1-1,20KO’S). Their rematch scheduled for May 10th, 2014 at the Galen Center in Los Angeles will be televised live on ESPN.

“The best thing about it, It’s going to be on ESPN, “said Arreola (36-3,31KO’S) when I interviewed him a week ago at Morongo Resort and Casino:” Everyone is going to be able to watch it, everyone. It is very important for me to put on a great performance, because it’s on national TV. We are back on big networks. Not that HBO is not a big network, but it’s going to reach more homes. I am a lucky man for that.”

Riverside’s slugger is in tough for his third attempt at a heavyweight championship. Stiverne dropped Arreola hard and broke his nose in the third round of their first encounter a year ago. And it was all downhill for Chris from that point on. Perhaps the only solace for Mexican brawler was that he finished the fight on his feet.

“This fight is going to be tough,” exclaimed Arreola:” Is it tough? Yes, but I made it tougher on myself the last time. This time I am going to come more prepared than ever. I got to win this title. This is my goal and this is going to happen. I want the belt. I just want the belt. I am ready to be a champion. I am ready to take over the whole boxing.”

Rematches seldom produce a different result. Arreola comes into a rematch with Stiverne with a big psychological disadvantage and memory of getting beat. What can he do to reverse the outcome?

“My strategy is to be in the craziest shape possible,” said Arreola;” because he has seen me. People know that I am willing to go to war. I am willing to die in the ring. I want to find out if he is willing to do the same.”

How important is this fight? Considering all the missed opportunities this could well be the most important fight of Chris Arreola’s career.

“It is not only important for me it’s important for my family,” Arreola said:” I want to set a good example for people. I want to make sure that when people see me they are like man that guy came from nothing, he is a champion now. Anybody could be anything if they really wanted to.”


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