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Tales from the Barbershop – Did referee Kenny Bayless have an impact on the outcome of Mayweather Maidana rematch?

Photo by Al Applerose

Photo by Al Applerose

Back from Las Vegas after covering” Mayweather Maidana ll” I had a feeling of dissatisfaction and utter annoyance. I seemed to have more questions and grievances after the fight than I did before. With that in mind and Tuesday morning heat rising, I decided to postpone going to work and ended up at my favorite Barber shop on San Fernando Road in Glendale.

Downtown Ronnie Brown was showing all his fading prison tattoos through a sparkling white wife-beater. As usual, the man was humming the blues.

Once again I got no money

Spent it all on my binging spree

I got to go back in the ring, honey

Cause I don’t fight nobody for free…

Without any greeting s or introductions Dave the Barber started hollering at me as if I was solely responsible for all the evils and corruptions of this world:” Did you see what that ref, what’s his name, Kenny Ballless, did on Saturday night in the ring? Yeah, I said it Ball less, no balls. I wonder how much did Floyd pay for his balls? A million, two? That ref is a criminal. He is a thief. He took away any chance that Argentinean boy had to win the fight. Any time they even looked like they were going to clinch Mr. Ballless was there to separate them and to prevent Chino from working inside. And clinching Floyd did. Every time Chino got close Floyd grabbed him as if he wanted to hug him not fight him. I just wanted to scold them and tell Floyd to get a room.  And then Mr. Ballless took a point away from Chino for trying to get away from a clinch and not even warned Floyd about it. Common Man! That’s not fighting. That’s embarrassment to sweet science.”

“Wow, Dave!” exclaimed Downtown Ronnie Brown:” Did you hold all that since Saturday Night? Well allow me to retort. My boy Floyd wasn’t the only one doing all the fouling. That Chino should be a street fighter, not a boxer. He used every dirty trick in the book. He pushed, he pulled, he used his head as a weapon, he used his elbows, and he threw rabbit punches and south of the border blows. He tackled Floyd as if he was a defensive end in a Superbowl, for which the boy promptly got penalized. And finally, like a junk yard dog he bit my Pretty Boy, who by the way is not looking so pretty these days. That’s really uncalled for. And your favorite ref, Kenny Ballles as you call him was thoroughly stunned. He didn’t know what the hell to do. If his balls were in Mayweather’s pocket as you insinuate so strongly or even if he had a shred of common sense, he would have disqualified that cannibal and put an end to that mockery.”

” Wait a minute, if that’s insinuating I ‘d hate to see you tell it like it is,” cut in Big Steve as he was examining his freshly shaved, oversized bald head:” You got me in a quandary. The ref needed his balls to take a stand and disqualify Chino for a bite he didn’t see. Since his balls were already sold to Floyd he couldn’t do it. The entire night was queer as if the whole boxing card was just another episode of a Twilight Zone.”

“Yes,” I agreed:” I knew it was going to be a bizarre night when I realized that I forgot to pack a pair of pants to go to work to cover the big fight, and then I discovered a prominent reporter from Boston was wearing shorts in the media center as well. But you Dave are way off with you conspiracy theories. Ref Kenney Bayless is one of the most respected names in the business. It is just his style not to allow for clinching and hugging. Mayweather knew it and took advantage it.”

“Miss me with that nonsense, fool !” said Al the Barber glaring in my direction:” We are in the barbershop. Use you political correctness for the paper. But it’s not just Floyd’s fight. Every fight, judges, referees; they were all under a spell. It’s like the entire Nevada Athletic Commission was working for Floyd. We might as well call them Mayweather Athletic Commission. Did you see Floyd’s fighter, what’s his name, Mickey Bey get a split decision win when he hardly threw any punches? I thought you had to beat the champ to get his title.”

“Yeah, I saw it,” cried out Dave the Barber:” I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes. Judge Robert Hoyle gave that boy, Bey eleven out of twelve rounds, when he did absolutely nothing in the fight. I thought you had to throw punches to win fights. That’s my friends is a pure case of reverse discrimination.”

“And what about El Perro Angulo,” cut in Big Steve pointing at me:” He might have lost a fight, but one judge did not give him any points when he almost knocked out that kid from Texas in the last two rounds.”

“I get the picture,” said I while smiling:” But what do you guys really think?”

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