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Ivan Redkach is ready for a break out performance.

Ivan Redkach outside Ponce De Leon Gym in Montebello, California

Ivan Redkach outside Ponce De Leon Gym in Montebello, California

Like so many Eastern European pugilists lightweight contender Ivan Redkach came to United States to realize his aspirations of being a professional prize fighter. Astute boxing manager Edward Gumashyan helped Ivan to relocate from Ukraine to Los Angeles put him up at his house and started his training. Ivan Redkach felt right at home perfecting his craft at the Maywood Boxing Club, legendary for its ring wars. Fighters like late Edwin Valero, Antonio Margarito, Alfredo Angulo, and Urbano Antillion were well known to get engaged in spirited sparring sessions which were more intense than most professional fights. I remember the whole gym pausing everything and me holding my breath to watch Angulo and Margarito spar.

Most likely boxing saved Ivan from the life of street fights and crime. You can take the man out from the street, but you can’t take the street out from the man. And so aggressive by nature Redkach only added to the legend of Maywood Boxing Club.

“Two years ago in Maywood I got into it with Luis Ramos,” Redkach reminisced during a recent interview outside of Ponce De Leon Gym in Montebello:” We fought with fists and legs. In 2006 we fought as representatives of team Ukraine and team USA.  We held a grudge against each other ever since. Then we met in America as professionals. During sparring at Maywood Boxing Club, he kept hitting me after the bell, so I had to retaliate and the real fight broke out.”

May be that’s why Redkach is no longer works at the Maywood Boxing Club. I recently went to see him spar almost eight spirited rounds at the Ponce Deleon Boxing Gym in Montebello. The gym is different, but the attitude is the same. Ivan “The Terrible” Redkach is on the edge; ready to explode at any time… I said almost eight rounds because this sparring session was stopped due to a conflict. Ivan was getting the better of the exchanges when his opponent started to hold the Ukrainian slugger. Redkach would have none of it. He head butted the holder and slammed him on the ground at which point the sparring session was stopped.

“I just pushed him and he fell down, “explained Redkach, 28, when asked about this incident by reporter Anna Dragost:” It is nothing serious. It’s just work. It happens every other sparring session. Some want to hold me and not let me work, that’s why I have to do something.”.” You can’t do this,” whispered his trainer Mario Morales:” You got to be patient. They would disqualify you in a real fight.”

A real fight is scheduled for June 27th, 2014 against a really experienced fighter from Belarus, Sergey Gulyakevich (41-2,17KO). Ten rounds contest in a lightweight division will be televised live by ESPn Friday Night Fights from Ameristar Casino in Saint Charles, Missouri.

“I’ve known him since amateur days,” said Redkach (16-0,13KO’S):”He is a good boxer. He medaled at the Olympics and he is a former world and European champion. He is a good fighter that is why we are expecting a good fight.” The winner would be close to challenging for a title in a talent rich lightweight division.

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