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Ready for another title shot N’Dam dominates Stevens.

Photo by German Villasenor

Photo by German Villasenor

Tuesday afternoon, prior to the official weigh in, an original “Chin-checker” said he was going to do all his talking in the ring, but on Wednesday night Stevens seemed to have lost his gift of gab inside the squared circle. It was his opponent, Hassan N’ Dam who did all the talking and moving and fighting when they faced off in a twelve round middleweight eliminator at the Barker Center in Santa Monica, California. ESPN Friday Night Fights televised the event live that was well attended by Hollywood celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone and Dustin Hoffman, etc…

All three judges scored the contest in favor of Hassan N’Dam (116-111 twice and 119-108) who dominated the fight from start to finish. Following a first round bum rush by Stevens (27-5, 20KO’S), N’ Dam (31-1,18KO’S) took control of the fight using his athletic abilities as well as obvious height and reach advantages. Former champion from Cameron glided around a small ring as if it was a huge football field and unloaded crisp combinations following a stiff jab. His constant lateral movement prevented Stevens from setting up his feet to fire back. Befuddled for the first half of the fight Stevens finally had some success in rounds six and seven trapping his adversary on the ropes and unloading some heavy leather.

With renewed confidence Stevens continued to march forward in the eighth stanza when he ran into a crushing right hand that deposited him on the canvas. Curtis got up and fought back bravely producing exhilarating two way action and inspiring a fan to shout; “Ali Frazier!”Only Frazier did not show up. On the other hand N’ Dam continued to stick and move and dominate round after round. In fact, his confidence got so high that he started to rotate his right fist as if he could hit Stevens any time he wanted to and then treated fans to Ali shuffle in the corner of the ring.

Stevens went all out in the final round and even landed a telling right hand blow that had the crowd go “wow”, but it was too little too late. N’ Dam got away from the ropes, fired back a combination and danced his way to a victory. “I wanted to show people that I am a real middleweight contender and I did,” said N’Dam, 30:” Now I only want to watch the fight on October 8th and take on the winner.” Sam Soliman is scheduled to defend his IBF middleweight title against former champion, Jermain Taylor on October 8th, 2014. The winner of that fight is supposed to face Hassan N’ Dam who is anxious to win his title back.

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N’Dam and Stevens collide in Santa Monica

By King Sports

By King Sports

Often time’s great fights take place at the least likely venues. And if the old adage “styles make fights” is true than middleweight title eliminator between Hassan N’Dam (30-1,18KO’S) and Curtis Stevens (27-4,20KO’S) is bound to be a nail bitter. They are to lock horns on October 1st, 2014 at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, California. ESPN Friday Night Fights special Wednesday edition will televise this twelve round contest live.

Former WBO middleweight champion from France, N’Dam lost his title to Peter Quillin in New York two years ago. N’Dam claims he wasn’t one hundred percent on that night. However, he was well enough to pick himself up off the canvass six times to continue to fight an uphill battle.

“It was a very good fight,” commented Stevens, his October 1st opponent, during a telephone interview with ESPN:” He was boxing very good, but he was getting caught with shots as he was jumping in. Other than that he kept getting up, kept fighting. It was good that he kept getting up. He showed a heart of a true champion.”

Following a first loss of his professional career thirty years old N’Dam rebounded with three straight wins. The last one in April of this year was especially dominant win over a veteran from Colombia, Fulgencio Zuniga. It took place at the same venue, Barker Hanger in Santa Monica and marked his new promoter, Michael King’s entry into a world of sweet science. Hollywood mogul, King might be a novice boxing promoter, but he knows a thing or two about staging big events. Not wasting much time King won a purse bid for this title eliminator and got his fighter, N’Dam in line for another title shot, should he win this eliminator.

Hassan N’Dam is very confident of his chances against Brooklyn based Curtis Stevens. He said that Steven’s style is tailor made for him to shine and promised to give a boxing lesson to the original “Chin Checker”.

“He is talking a lot of junk on twitter,” said Stevens, 29:” Like he is going to give me a boxing lesson. I don’t believe in his right mind that he is going to stand there trying to get hit. I believe he is going to try to run as Andre Dirrell did when I fought Dirrell. But I believe there is only one Andre Dirrell. I believe he is just going to try to stay away as long as he can.”

Hard punching Stevenson lost his first shot at a middleweight title by a knock out to Gennady Golovkin last November. He has rebounded with two knock out victories this year and is ready for another shot at a championship belt.

“Don’t think too much,” said Stevens about the lesson he learned from the loss:” Just let my hands go. Golovkin fight, I was over thinking it, looking for a perfect shot instead of just letting my hands fly.”

Stevens, who punches like he has hammers in his boxing gloves instead of fists, has a definite plan for his October 1st encounter with N’Dam. “I am getting ready to let my hands go and take it to him,” said Stevens:” I just got to go in there and do what I do. I got to let my hands go and have fun. “Don’t miss it.


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