What else could go wrong for Bam Bam? Fight with Chaves is in jeopardy.

29 Jul


Zimbio Pictures

Zimbio Pictures


I was ringside at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California in October of 2012 when Brandon “ Bam Bam “Rios knocked out Mike Alvarado in the seventh round of a brutal slugfest that had everyone in the arena on their feet. Bam Bam moved up from lightweight to face a huge and hard punching junior welterweight, Mike Alvarado and showed everyone that he was up for a challenge. Rios was on top of the world then… It’s been going downhill from that point on

What a difference a year makes. 2013 was a disaster for a Mexican American slugger who lives in Oxnard, California. First he lost a rematch to Mike Alvarado, because a boxer from Denver decided to box a little instead of slugging it out like they did the first time, and Rios did not have plan B.  Then in November Bam Bam went to Macao, China for a dream matchup with superstar Manny Pacquiao. Dream matchup turned into a nightmare as Pacman took Bam Bam to school and dominated him for twelve rounds.

Brandon Rios never really got beat up or seriously destroyed by any opponent, but in the sport where fan’s theme song is “What have you done for me lately” losing three times in a row could mean death to a fighter’s career.

“Actually it is a do or die for me,” said Rios in an interview with Ring TV:” because I did lose my last two fights. Some people have counted me out. I am still young. I still have a lot to prove and I am ready.”

“You can lose fights and still come out victorious. You don’t have to lose two fights and be a bum,” continued Rios, 28:” Lots of greats lost fights and nobody considered them bums. Its part of boxing you win some you lose some.”

Bandon Rios (31-2-1,23KO) is scheduled to fight Diego Chaves (23-1,19KO) in a ten rounds or less welterweight scrap at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas on August 2nd, 2014. HBO will televise. But as I am writing this article Diego Chaves is still in Argentina without a visa to be able to travel to United States for the fight. Promoter Bob Arum stated that visa problem was created by US government back log.  International telephone conference with Brandon Rios and his trainer Robert Garcia to discuss upcoming bout scheduled for today was postponed. Brandon Rios desperately needs to make a statement in this fight, but right now he is not even sure if there will be a fight. But that’s boxing as Bam Bam would say. Stay tuned.


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