Mayweather goes through hell called Maidana to remain undefeated

05 May
Photo by Mary Ann Lurie Owen

Photo by Mary Ann Lurie Owen


Hard work and dedication is what pound for pound king Floyd Money Mayweather says over and over during preparation for any fight. He takes this mantle to heart. Hard work and dedication in the gym is one of the major reasons why Floyd makes it look easy in the squared circle and why he remains undefeated. Saturday night against Marcos Mariana at packed MGM Grand Garden Arena was supposed to be just another day in the office for self-proclaimed “The Best Ever.” But Argentinian slugger didn’t get the memo and gave Floyd quite a run for his money, all 32 million dollars guaranteed and then some. Maidana’s pressure and constant aggression and rough style forced undefeated super star dig as deep as he ever had to dig to keep his undefeated record intact. In the end Mayweather was in the money. He was able to adjust after a very rocky start and take over the fight in the later rounds to secure victory number forty six via a majority decision. Judge Pernick scored the contest a draw 114-114 who was overruled by judge Morretti 116-112 and Clements 117-111 for Mayweather.

“I wanted to give fans an exciting fight” said 37 yet old star who was in a fight of his life and came out victorious:” If the fans want to see it again we can do it again.”


Maidana who came into the ring weighing 165 pounds came out firing like a machine gun. He threw a hundred punches in the first round, kept Floyd on the ropes and in tough for most of the round. Floyd who came into the ring weighing 148 pounds was able to adjust to assault and pressure and had some success with sharp counters. Maidana continued his attack with reckless abandon making it a very rough affair for Floyd. Clash of heads caused a gash on Mayweather right eye in the fourth stanza.

Floyd finally moved the fight in the center of the ring in the sixth stanza and started to land effective punches. Round seven was a very good one for Mayweather. He kept landing hard punches almost at will. Undeterred Maidana kept moving forward and pressuring Floyd.


After losing the eighth stanza Mayweather took control in the ninth with accurate sharp blows.

Floyd might have won the tenth round with the final shot, a booming right hand that snapped Maidana’s head back.  16268 in attendance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena were on their feet applauding the action that continued till the final bell.


“I definitely think I won the fight, “said Mariana who in spite of losing on the judges’ score cards won a lot of fans  on Saturday night: “He dominated some rounds, but I dominated most of the rounds. I will give him a rematch because I won the fight.”




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