Allure of Floyd Mayweather

29 Apr



Out of forty six experts interviewed by Lem Satterfield of Ring TV all forty six were in agreement picking Floyd Mayweather to defeat his next opponent, Argentinian slugger, Marcos Mariana (35-3,31KO’S). They’re to face each other in a squared circle on May 3rd, 2014 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in a twelve round welterweight championship fight with Maidana’s WBA and Mayweather’s WBC and Ring belts on the line. The event dubbed “The Moment” featuring few other intriguing fights, such as Khan vs. Collazo and Broner vs. Molina, will be televised live by Showtime PPV. Perhaps the only conundrum experts have is whether Mayweather will win this fight by a knock out or decision.


On paper Marcus Mariana is an opponent tailor made for defensive artistry of Floyd Mayweather. The fighter they call Chino only knows one way to fight. He presses the action forward, often squares off with little or no regard for defense. That’s perfect for Floyd’s lightning fast counterstrikes which will land on target and often. In my opinion Mayweather the consummate matchmaker has specifically picked Maidana so that he could please his fans and score a knock out which he hasn’t scored since controversial stoppage of Victor Ortiz in September of 2011.

Maidana is very determined and strong. He punches hard with both hands and from all angles.  Does he have any chance against Mayweather? May be a punchers chance? No chance according to a veteran boxing scribe Doug Fisher who is not alone in his belief. I know a hundred experts that weren’t interviewed that feel the same. Perhaps the only boxing people that give the Argentinian banger a chance are Maidana himself, his trainer Robert Garcia and a few other people in his camp. But even those few have doubts, deep down inside. Trainer Robert Garcia recently stated that if Maidana hurts Floyd he will stop him. Note he said if not when.

So if the outcome of this contest is as clear as Catalina Island on a sunny morning why is this the biggest boxing event of 2014? Fans love to hate Floyd Mayweather and his outlandishly lavish lifestyle. They come out in droves knowing full well that there is a little chance, but still hoping to catch The Moment when king of sweet science will get dethroned. Forty five times in a row those fans went home disappointed but in awe of his skills and his mastery. Random thoughts seep into their minds like could he be as great as he says he is? Could he really be the best ever? And on the other hand could this be the moment we have been waiting for?

Floyd Mayweather perpetuates a negative image of himself mostly through 24/7 or All Access documentaries. Despite his incredible rags to riches story he acts arrogant and throws ungodly amounts of money around and showing off all of his bling and opulent toys in hard economic times. He says flaunt it if you got it thus further alienating his fans and creating more negative feelings. Perhaps on purpose. His run-ins with the law and women only add further insult to injuries.

They say that you can get the man out of the ghetto, but you can’t get the ghetto out of the man. But it’s not his classless act outside the ring, we are here to observe his class inside the boxing ring. At the moment he is obviously a class above the rest. Picasso of boxing Mr. Floyd Money Mayweather is scheduled puts on another master class inside the squared circle on May 3rd. Tune in.

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