Night of Rising Stars

24 Apr
Five of the six bouts on the card billed as the “Battle of the Rising Stars” dripped with action at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday, including the main event which saw Jose Hernandez walk away with a unanimous decision over John Hays in a super-middleweight scrum.
Each boxer refused to give an inch and the crowd was appreciative knowing these young men were willing to lay it all out in the ring.
Hernandez, who exited the fight with a 6-1-1 record and three knockouts, proved a little too strong and landed the cripser and cleaner punches, while Hays also found the target, but less frequently.
The scheduled six-rounder began well for Hernandez, who smashed Hays with the sharper blows in the first round, but Hays (4-1-3) also tagged Hernandez.
The second round looked even, but the edge went to Hernandez because he was busier and landed the better blows.
Round three was chock full of action and once again the edge went to Hernandez. The fourth round also went to Hernandez, and the fifth round was more of the same, but Hays struck early with a terrific right hand. The final round was similar to the others with Hernandez busier and able to locate the more powerful shots.
The most action-filled bout was a lightweight brawl between Adam Munguilla and Daniel Ruiz as the two stood toe-to-toe and unloaded bombs across four rounds with Munguilla, who was making his professional debut, getting a unanimous decision.
Tough as nails, both threw caution to the wind as Munguilla and Ruiz (2-2-0) each came out swinging, and it continued for the rest of the bout.
Munguilla and Ruiz each landed massive rockets in the first round, but Ruiz had the better and more effective punches.
The second round was similar to the opener and could have been scored even, and what followed in the third round was more of the same, but this time Munguilla had the better of it, while the fourth round was equally exciting and full of action.
Heavyweight Xavier Vigney was relentless from the outset as he pounded Helaman Olguin over four rounds and earned a unanimous decision.
Vigney (2-0-0 with 1 KO) went to work attacking the body and head early and didn’t stop. When he unleashed his jab it kept Olguin at bay, who was game and willing to trade blows with the taller Vigney.
The first round saw Vigney drill the bigger strikes mostly with the right hand. The second round was more of the same, while the third round was similar as Vigney seemed well-tuned and too powerful for Olguin (1-3-0 and 1 KO).
Early in the final round Vigney bloodied Olguin’s nose, and from there he attacked the body and head with gusto.
After a strong opening round by Tavarus Teague, he went on the assault early in the second round against Diego Garibay in their super-welterweight fight that was stopped with 2:38 left.
Teague’s big right hand did the damage, and it landed flush on Garibay’s chin. When Garibay hit the canvas it was apparent that he didn’t know where he was.
The fight started with Garibay, who was making his pro debut, finding the range in the opening half of the first round, while Teague (1-0-0 and 1 KO) was much more effective in the second half.
Reggie Verduzco and Brian True exchanged severe punches in their middleweight clash, but Verduzco dominated as the bout was halted 1:24 in the fourth and final round after True sustained damage to the right eye.
Verduzco took the first half of the opening round, but True gathered himself in the second half. Verduzco captured the second round by using the jab, but again True (1-1-1 with 1 KO) rallied late.
The third round was exciting as each man went after the other with sustained fury, but Verduzco (1-1-0 with 1 KO) took the round after unloading three solid right hands.
However, the pair continued throwing punches after the bell and Referee Raul Caiz Jr. deducted a point from both.
Heavyweight Alexey Zubov tagged Anthony Mason early and didn’t relent which forced a stoppage 30 seconds into the first round.
Zubov (2-0-0 with 2 KO’s) seemed ready and fit even before the bell sounded, while Mason, who was making his pro debut looked out of shape.
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