Is Manny Pacquiao worried about Bradley

26 Mar


Photo By Ray Flores



Super star Manny Pacquiao was on top of the world in June of 2012 when he first encountered undefeated American, Timothy Bradley. Idolized by his country men and boxing fans around the world congressman Pacquiao couldn’t do anything wrong. His popularity reached hard to imagine proportions. In fact, Pacman was riding so high that he allowed himself an uncharacteristic gesture; Manny made his opponent Bradley and packed with fans MGM Grand Garden Arena as well as millions of HBO viewers wait for him to finish watching Celtics game in the locker room. Before he showed up for a fight.

Manny Pacquiao was not worried about Bradley before the fight. He was not worried about Bradley during the fight. He thought it was so easy for him during the first half of the contest that he took off the gas pedal and coasted in the later rounds, which turned out to be a very costly mistake. Manny wasn’t even worried about Bradley after the fight. He  along with the rest of the boxing world were shocked to find out that that judges somehow scored the fight in favor of Bradley. Still, Manny wasn’t worried about Bradley. “I may not have won the decision the first time we fought,” he said:” But I know I didn’t lose that fight.”  His fans agreed and took that loss and their idol with open arms. But Pacquiao is worried about Bradley now. Especially considering his devastating knock out loss at the hands of his arch rival Juan Manuel Marquez in December of 2012 Manny could ill afford to lose another fight. Losing to still undefeated Bradley on April 12th , 2014 could mean the end of Pacquiao career as we know it, the end of lucrative pay per view paychecks, not to mention high ranking among mystical pound for pound elite.

“No one has ever defeated Tim Bradley during his professional career,” said Pacquiao who turned 35 last December:” I want to be the first name in his lost column.” Reunited with former strength and conditioning coach  Justine Fortune for this training camp Manny is working like never before to achieve that goal. In a statement released by Top Rank Pacquiao said:” Freddie and Justine are asking more from me in this training camp than I have ever given before as hard as it is to do, I am giving them everything they have asked of me.”

Meanwhile Tim Bradley has become a much improved fighter since 2012 controversial decision. After two impressive victories in 2013 against Ruslan Provodnikov and Juan Manuel Marquez, Palms Spring pugilist climbed up to number three on a coveted pound for pound list. Itching to prove that their first encounter wasn’t a fluke Bradley has been telling everyone that aging Pacquiao has lost his killer instinct.

Considering the controversial decision in their first encounter and the urgency Manny must feel can Pacquiao leave the outcome of their April 12th showdown in the hands of the judges?

“We are not focusing on a knock out,” stated Pacquiao during Tuesday’s international media telephone conference:” Our focus this time is to put more aggressiveness and throw a lot of punches and if the knockout comes it comes. I just want to prove that I still have the hunger and the killer instinct.”

Manny Pacquiao is hell bent on reclaiming WBO welterweight title he lost to Bradley in June of 2012. Their not to be missed  April 12th rematch will be televised live by HBO PPV from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.



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