With Floyd going to jail what are the options for Manny Pacquiao?

04 Jan

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” It seems to me that king of fistic combat, Manny Pacquiao needs Pretty Boy Floyd after all, ” exclaimed Dave the Barber just as he leathered my face with shaving cream:” With Floyd going to jail, Manny’s options for a big fight are pretty limited.  Tell me, who is he going to fight next?”

” They are talking about a rematch with Cotto,” I said.

” Been there , done,that,” cried out Downtown Ronnie Brown:” Why would anybody want to see this fight again. Was there any question about the outcome of the first one? No. Pacman demoralized prime Cotto. He took him down like a rotten tree branch. Cotto’s uncle threw in a white towel admitting a total defeat. Aside from Manny getting injured, I don’t see a scenario with a different outcome, plus Cotto is a light middleweight now and Manny wowed not to ever go that high in weight after a bout with Margarito. That’s just a waste of time, not a competitive fight.”

” They are  also considering Timothy Bradley. They are the same size,” said I.

” With all due respect, and I have been following Bradley from the amateur days,” exclaimed Big Steve:” But Mr. Desert Storm couldn’t sell ten tickets in Palm Springs and that is where he lives. We came to his fight at Aqua Caliente Casino in 2009 and the place was half empty. I wouldn’t call it a high risk, but I would definitely call it a low reward fight for Manny Pacquiao. At this stage of his career Manny needs a high profile opponent. The only name  that comes to my mind is Money Mayweather.”

” Speaking about high profile opponent, how about Pacquiao Marquez lV?” I inquired.

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