Barbersop picks for 2011 Fight of the Year

02 Jan

Photo by Tom Hogan

” It seems like all major fights this year were a bust,” announced Dave the Barber upon my arrival at his fine establishment on San Fernando Road:” First we had Pacquiao Mosley which was a snooze fest, then we had Mayweather Ortiz fiasco. Cotto Margarito ll could have been a good fight, but it was one sided. Pacquiao Marquez lll was a decent scrap, but to my naked eye it lacked the violence of their past battles.”

” Talking about violence, a frey that caught my eye was on ESPN earlier this year, two boys from the East Coast, Delvin Rodriguez and Pawel Wolak, ” said Big Steve:”These boys went at it for ten rounds. That was one hell of a fight. It was better than original Rocky movie. Wolak’s face was grotesque; he had a welt on a side of his head the size of a hockey puck, but the boy kept firing and attacking as if he was defending his infant child. They went at it with no time to breeze, Rodriguez, a boxer turned puncher and Wolak, an unstoppable beast. The only thing that stopped them was a final bell. The draw was a fitting conclusion. The only regret I had was that no one  ever went down.”

” If you want to talk about violence, you have to consider Kirkland Angulo,” cried out Al the Barber:” Round one, a malicious, breathtaking firefight that almost ended twice, first in favor of Angulo, then in favor of Kirkland.It was the best combat round of boxing I have seen in a while. It was Hagler Hearns all over again, only harder and more violent. Those middleweights were throwing heavyweight punches , non stop. It was fistic magic. It seemed like a war to the finish, like they were both willing to die in that ring. Good thing the reff stopped it when he did, he might have saved Angulo’s life.”

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