Floyd Mayweather, does the time fit the crime?

23 Dec

Clan Mayweather

Despite a bright sunny day outside, the mood at Dave’s Barbershop onSan Fernando Roadseemed subdued. The atmosphere was as low as a bottom ofMississippi Riverright after The Great Mississippi Flood. Downtown Ronnie Brown was crying the blues.



 If you can’t do the time

Don’t do the crime, don’t do it. Don’t do it

If you think you are the best

Don’t ask no one to take the test, don’t do it. Don’t do it.

If you think you are a bad ass

Don’t be beating on baby mama’s ass, don’t do it. Don’t do it.


“I hope you are not going to defend your boy, Floyd this time,” exclaimed Dave the Barber pointing towards Ronnie Brown:” He wants to clean up the sport. He needs to clean up his own act. Where I come from you don’t put your hand on a woman no matter what! When I was young my wife threw dishes at me every time she saw me cut a woman’s hair.”

“That’s why it’s men’s barbershop only,” laughed out loud Ronnie Brown.


“Yes, but I would never even dream about retaliating,” continued Dave the Barber:” The aura of the woman is sacred. Especially considering that was his baby’s mama. Ninety days in the slammer is not enough. He is to report on January sixth. I hope Big Bubba extends a personal welcome to Pretty Boy Floyd at the jailhouse and makes that wife beater his bitch.”


“That ain’t gonna happen,” cried out Ronnie Brown:” They are not going to put Floyd in general population. Even though he really deserves it this time that would be cruel and unusual punishment… If you can’t do the time

don’t do the crime, don’t do it. Don’t do it! This boy thinks he is outside the law, but he went too far. He has priors on hitting women.  He should get five years of hard labor on the chain gang. That would straighten his ass out.”

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