Not yet as pretty as Floyd, Andre Ward emerges as a top super middlweight

19 Dec

Ward and Froch in the ring

“Did you watch the Super Six final this weekend?” inquired Dave the Barber as soon as I walked in his fine barbershop on San Fernando Road:” That boy from Oakland, he’s got skills. He said that he watched a lot of Mayweather fights on tape to prepare for the Britt.What do you think he learned from Floyd?”


” Couldn’t you tell,” cried out Downtown Ronnie Brown:” It was a left hook. I just loved the way he bullied Froch on the inside than sidestepped and fired a left hook time after time. It was a thing of beauty. The Cobra never saw it coming and he was struck repeatedly. I am surprised he never went down. That English boy has a chin made out of rock. Yes, I have to say that Ward is the man, but he ain’t no Floyd. In my humble opinion Ward is slick ,defensively fast and rough on the inside, but his style of fighting is ugly. On the other hand, every time Floyd throws a punch in the ring it’s like a Picasso painting a picture; perfect form, perfect timing and just the right combination of speed and power. If you want to learn how to box the right way you should watch my boy Floyd Mayweather. He does everything right.”


” Would you forget your boy, Floyd for a moment. We are talking about Ward. You have to pay attention to appreciate what that boy does in the ring. He is only twenty seven, but he fights like a veteran, kind of reminds me of Hopkins. First thing he did was to neutralize his adversary’s best weapon, a jab.They teach you that in ” The art of war”. Then he dialed in his own fast jab and a double jab to get inside. Once he got inside, he knew what to do as well. He made it rough in there. And what about that ref, Smoger, god bless his soul; he just allowed them boys to fight. Froch looked lost and frustrated in there . He was loosing the battle on both fronts, inside and outside. He had a look of a man who knew he was fighting a loosing battle.”

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Posted by on December 19, 2011 in Professional Boxing


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