There is no weight issue – Bob Arum

31 Oct


Photo by Anna Dragost

“Did you know why Manny Pacquiao is eight to one favorite to beat Marquez in their third fight?” inquired Big Steve during our ritual morning coffee at Starbucks on Western Avenue:” Because we are going to have a welterweight fighting a lightweight; that’s two divisions. While Marquez has been going through life and death battles at lightweight, Pacman has been blowing out big welterweights.”


“Great minds think alike,” I replied:” Or fools never differ.”


Manny Pacquiao is scheduled to defend his WBO welterweight crown against Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12th, 2011 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena inLas Vegas. Even though fighters have agreed to a catch weight of 144 pounds, it is still nine pounds above the weight Marquez has been fighting at. Last time Mexican warrior has ventured into a welterweight division it turned out to be a complete disaster; he was dominated by Floyd Mayweather approximately two years ago. Team Marquez claims the fight with Pacquiao will be a different story.

“He is moving up in weight,” said Pacquiao during last Wednesday’s media work out day:” And I am very comfortable at that weight right now.” However, promoter Bob Arum has a different point of view. “There is no weight difference,” countered Arum:” They are both the same size. All the press says there is a weight difference. Manny Pacquiao will go into the ring at 146, 147 pounds. Marquez will weigh in maybe 140,141 and go into the fight at 147, the same weight. There won’t be a pound of difference between them when they go into a fight. You look at them; they are both the same size. There is no weight issue.”

In support of Arum’s argument consider the fact that Pacquiao’s preparation for the fight at welterweight division actually includes weight gain. So, both Pacman and Juan Manuel Marquez have to gain weight to compete as welterweights. Veteran promoter reminisced about the old days when fighters had to weigh in on the day of the fight.” The idea, once they instituted it, weighing in the day before, throws everything crazy,” said Arum:” If they weighed in the morning of the fight like they used to, they’d both be the same weight.”

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