USADA vs. WADA or another reason why Floyd won’t face Pacquiao

28 Oct

Photo by Igor Frank

” Iwas listening to Dan Patrick sports radio show early this morning,” said Big Steve as we embarked on our jog throughBrandPark:” Dan is not a man of sweet science, but he knows sports. He said when it comes to boxing follow the money and the money leads to Mayweather Pacquiao showdown.  Sooner or later it simply has to happen.”


“I am ready to fight him,” said Pacquiao on Wednesday during LA media work out day:” If there is no problem we will fight.” But that is a big IF according to Floyd Mayweather who would agree to fight Manny if only USADA(United States Anti Doping Agency) and no one else were to conduct random drug testing all the way leading up to the fight. However, since Pacquiao spends half of his training camp inPhilippinesand logistics would not allow for USADA to conduct the tests over there, WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) would assign another Agency to conduct the tests. Mayweather questioned that.


“WADA is an umbrella organization,” clarified Hall of Fame promoter, Bob Arum when I interviewed him on Wednesday:” USADA operates under WADA. So if Manny is training for three or four weeks outside the country then WADA will assign people to do the test. When he comes to theUnited Statesthen WADA will assign USADA to do the test. That’s all this is. It’snot an issue.”

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