Behind every great man is a great woman

10 Oct

Rachel Donaire and Roberto Garcia

“Once we got married my wife told me that as a man of the house I was required to make all the family decisions, pending her final approval,” smiled Big Steve during our morning java at Starbucks on Western Avenue:” To which I replied that behind every great man stands a great woman. So tell me, did you talk to Mrs. Donaire? How was she able to patch up a quarrel between her hubby and Top Rank?”


Cute as button, Mrs. Nonito Donaire has a strong backbone; she stands behind her man. Rachel has not always been a darling with a media. As a matter of fact, she has been blamed for Nonito cutting off a relationship with his father as his trainer and more… Than there are others that say that she helped to turn Nonito from a boy that sometimes he still is, into a grown man.


“Nonito’s lawyers advised him to go into litigation with Top Rank. That was his decision and his legal team’s decision,” said lovely Mrs. Donaire when I interviewed her on Saturday at the Undisputed Gym inSan Carlos:” After a while it was my birthday wish that he’d get back in the ring. So, there was always an open door with Top Rank and Bob Arum had personally came up to me and apologized for the things that he emotionally had said at that time and I put all my pride aside and it doesn’t matter to me and I felt that I needed to make sure that he was o.k. So we discussed the things that Nonito thought was important in his career and what path he wanted to go down and I sat down with Todd Duboef. We mapped out a plan, a fight plan for Nonito and ever since than we’ve been down the same path.  Nonito was 112 when he signed with Top Rank the first time .They didn’t think he was going to be 118,122,126. So now that they are understanding that Nonito is willing to take a chance to move up, they are understanding how much pride he wants to bring to the Philippines, now they are all for it.”

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