“I doo see Margarito wearing Cotto down,” Roberto Garcia

05 Oct

Photo by Chris Farina

“Boxing will end this year with a bang,” exclaimed Big Steve as we embarked on an uphill clime towards Hollywood Sign insideGriffithPark:” But the fight I most look forward to is Cotto Margarito II. Do you think it will be as good as the first one? One year apart to the day, Pacquiao ruined both of them, the only difference was that referee Kenny Bayless stopped Cotto fight  in 2009 while 2010 fight with Margarito should have been halted but went the distance. Let’s call this one –who has more fuel left in the tank.”


Even though both warriors left a big part of themselves in the ring during their respective battles with pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao, they still have a score to settle from their historic bout of 2008, at least Cotto feels this way. Miguel Cotto believes that the outcome of their first fight was affected by Margarito’s loaded gloves. Margarito says he will stop Cotto just like he did before. We will find out who is right on December 3rd, when these two warriors face each other in a squared circle at theMadisonSquareGarden inNew York City. The event will be televised live by HBO Pay Per View.


Stopping 2009 battle with Manny Pacquiao, referee Kenny Bayless gave Miguel Cotto an opportunity to fight another day. 2010 fight with Pacman going the distance, Antonio Margarito’s career was in jeopardy due to a broken eye socket.


“Now that we know that there was a fracture in his eye,” said Margarito’s trainer Roberto Garcia when I asked him if he would stop the fight considering what we know now:” Of course. But even though Pacquiao won most of the rounds I still think Margarito always had the chance because he is tough. He is strong and he is hungry.”

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