Does Victor Ortiz deserve a rematch with Floyd Mayweather?

27 Sep

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“Do you think Victor Ortiz should get a rematch?” inquired Big Steve during our morning jog throughBrandPark:” I watched this fight over and over. Joe Cortez said time in and then Mayweather fired. It was a legal sucker punch.”

 “Joe Cortez has done a lot of great fights, but he must have had an off night,” said Oscar De La Hoya during a telephone conference assembled to discuss the aftermath of the event:” We saw at least fifteen elbows from Mayweather. I know that Cortez is much better than that. He had no control of the fight.”


After Joe Cortez scolded Victor for intentional head butt and deducted a point, he clearly said “time in”, at which time Ortiz came up to Floyd to touch gloves again while some body was calling Joe Cortez. Cortez looked away. Ortiz, who didn’t hear time in, looked at the ref and Floyd saw the opportunity and took it. Fight over.

 “Obviously, the fight ended in a controversial manner,” continued Victor’s promoter and mentor, Oscar De La Hoya: “Take a look at the fight carefully.  Look at all of the elbows thrown.  Victor was coming on. Mayweather wasn’t going to knock him out. A fighter as young as Victor takes time to come on strong. He was coming on strong. If Mayweather has any honor, he’ll say he wants the rematch.”

 Mayweather’s response to the whole situation along with many other pundits is:” Protect yourself at all times.”

 “I can concur with that,” said Ortiz during the same telephone conference:” If only the referee had been paying attention.  I agree 100%, but it’s like my manager said, the referee doesn’t say fight yet, and one of the guys fights. Personally, to me, that was a cheap shot… At the end of the day, Floyd will never be respected in my eyes as a pound for pound greatest fighter.  He was fearing the fact that I was coming on. His punches were not hurting me, and I was hurting him. A fighter who smiles (like Floyd) is usually hurt.”

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