Mayweather:” Pacquiao is famous because he is connected to my name.”

20 Sep

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“I don’t want to talk about Victor Ortiz any more,” exclaimed Big Steve during our climb to the Hollywood sign atGriffithPark:” All I can say that if you see a snake expect to get bitten. What I want to know is when Mayweather finally going to fight Pacquiao?”

 Floyd Money Mayweather addressed that issue on Saturday night at the post Victor Ortiz fight press conference inLas Vegas, which took place at theMGMGrandMediaCenter.

 “Pacquiao is only famous because he is connected to my name,” said Mayweather from the podium addressing international media:” When they mention Pacquiao, they say who is that? They say that’s the guy we are trying to get to fight Floyd Mayweather. When they say Floyd Mayweather they say that’s an all time great.” By the way, tickets to Mayweather Ortiz fight were still available on the day of the fight, while Pacquiao Marquez bout, which is still two months away is already sold out.

 “I don’t take nothing away from Marquez,” continued Mayweather:” Pacquiao is fighting Marquez and we know he got his ass kicked twice; we know this. I took two years off. I came back and fought him. They say you are too big for Marquez, but you are not too big for Pacquiao, but they are the same size. I just don’t understand.”


Never at a loss for words, Mayweather continued his analysis of Manny Pacquiao, the only man public wants to see him fight.


“All Pacquiao doing is fighting my leftovers,” said Mayweather:” I beat Ricky Hatton when he was undefeated. After I already beat Ricky Hatton than he go fight him. I beat De La Hoya at the weight De La Hoya chose; he chose the gloves, he chose the weight class. He beat De La Hoya when De La Hoya hasn’t made weight in twelve years. They say Shane Mosley; his best performance was when he fought Antonio Margarito. When I beat him they say he is over the hill.”

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