Is Mayweather worried about Ortiz enough to fly Victor’s father to the fight?

16 Sep

Photo by Dr. Ed De La Vega

“Did you hear about Mayweather flying Victor Ortiz’s father to the fight?” inquired Big Steve during our jog throughBrandPark:” What do you think this is all about?”

“I read a report on Boxing Scene that Floyd reserved two tickets for Victor’s former trainer, Roberto Garcia and his star pupil, lightweight champion, Brandon Rios,” I replied.

Brandon Rios was elated to find out about a chance to go see the big event between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz on September 17th at the Mecca of Boxing, MGM Grand Garden Arena inLas Vegas. But let’s face it, if he is ringside for the fight he will not be rooting for his former stable mate, Victor Ortiz. Even though they are both from Garden City,Kansas, their animosity towards each other has been well publicized in the media.

Former champion, currently well respected trainer, Roberto Garcia discovered young, Victor Ortiz and brought him toCalifornia. To make a long story short, Garcia family fell apart over Victor, who left Roberto several years ago and started training with his older brother, Danny. Brothers Roberto and Danny, who are also next door neighbors, are not speaking to each other till this day. Is Floyd Mayweather’s gesture designed to mend Garcia family? Is this the same Floyd that has been feuding with his father all of his adult life? Is Floyd also bringing Victor’s father to the fight?

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Posted by on September 16, 2011 in Professional Boxing


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