Promoting Manny Pacquiao

09 Sep

Photo by Chris Farina

“Why this huge promotional tour,” inquired Big Steve during out traditional cup of morning java at Starbucks onWestern Avenue:” When Pacquiao fight is already sold out? ”

“Good question,” I replied:” That is exactly what I asked the promoter on Wednesday.”


“Because most of the money comes from the television,” said Hall Of Fame promoter Bob Arum, when I interviewed him earlier this week inLos Angeles:” The fact that the fight is sold out is good, but there so many other revenue streams that you have to consider like Pay Per View. That’s why you do these promotions. We are going to spend probably five to six million dollars more on this promotion. It’s obviously not to sell tickets, because it’s sold out.”


Bob Arum has been promoting huge fights for a long time and picked up a few tricks along the way. His career began with every promoter’s dream, a fighter named Muhammad Ali who did as much talking outside the ring as he did inside. He once said:” I am the greatest; I said that even before I knew I was.” And he was the greatest at selling out his fights and providing drama for the fans.

   I remember as young boy watching Ali’s third fight with Joe Frasier” The Thriller in Manila” on a black and white TV in my grandmother’s house in Odessa, Ukraine. That fight was televised all over the world.

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