Is Vitali Klitschko bigger than Pacquiao?

02 Sep

Photo by Getty Images

” How come so few fans care about Klitschko brothers in this country?” asked Big Steve during our late lunch atPorto’s Bakery onBrand Boulevard:” I am surprised they are showing Vitali’s fight with Adamek next Saturday. They have been packing soccer stadiums for his fights inGermany. The man has the highest knock out ratio in the sport. I bet he is bigger than Pacquiao over there. I bet he could knock out Adamek next week then destroy David Haye and then take his private jet back toUkraineand play some volley ball on the beach on aBlack Sea, all on the same night.”



Forty year old physical wonder” Dr Ironfist” Vitali Klitschko (42-2,39KO’S) is scheduled to defend his WBC heavyweight championship of the world against Tomasz Adamek (44-1,28KO’S) next Saturday on September 10th at Stadion Miejski in Wroclaw, Poland. The fight will be televised on HBO. Following  three year retirement, Vitali came back to the sport in 2008 with a knock out victory of Samuel Peter and together with his brother Wladimir have been dominating  heavyweight division ever since. What is the secret of their dominance and longevity?


“Consistency is the credo of the Klitschko brother’s,” said Vitali in a recent interview with Ukrainian correspondent, Max Rozenko. One can be certain they will come into the ring in shape and with a game plan.


” Wladimir and I are completely satisfied with the terms, which were provided to us in training camp,” continued Vitali describing his training facility inAlps:” It is very beautiful here in winter and summer. Also in Going there are no distractions from work. I live in a hut, which the locals call the “House of Solitude.”

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