Mayweather is done says Victor Ortiz

01 Sep

Photo by Chris Robinson

“Did you see Piers Morgan interview Victor and Oscar on CNN last night?” asked Big Steve during our morning jog throughGriffithPark:” That is definitely big time, isn’t it?”

 According to famed coach, Nazim Richardson, just getting the fight with Floyd Mayweather, Victor Ortiz has already won if you consider where he came from. Twenty four year old WBC welterweight champion doesn’t see it that way.


“He (Mayweather) is done,” said Ortiz yesterday during international media telephone conference:” He was done when he signed to fight Victor Ortiz.”


“I am taking my title home and that means a victory as well. He sits there and says- You can have your title. I don’t want it,” said Ortiz about his adversary, Floyd during interview on CNN:” Well that includes my victory as well. So, I am taking my belt home along with my victory.”


Sitting right next to his mentor and friend Oscar De La Hoya, Victor shared parts of his rough past with CNN’s Piers Morgan. Abandoned by both of his parents at a young age and left to fend for himself, Victor was able to grow up on his own and raise his younger brother. Recently he made piece with his parents after finding them. That prepared Victor for life challenges ahead.

” Fear doesn’t even exist in my dictionary anymore,”said Ortiz when asked by Morgan if there was any anxiety in facing one of the best fighters of our era on September 17th:” It was one of those things where my upbringing alone got rid of all that. So that I can go into battle with nothing to worry about.”

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