How many championship belts are there in boxing?

25 Aug

Photo by Ray Flores

I’ve been trying to get my lovely wife interested in the murky and wonderful world of sweet science for years, desperately hoping to share my passion for boxing with her. “If only I could get her to ask me a couple of questions,” I thought. Recently after attending a major fight in Las Vegas, we took a huge step in that direction.

But the question that I have been waiting for floored me as if I was hit by a baseball bat; it came out of nowhere as we were enjoying our lunch at Cheesecake Factory inside the Americana.” What’s up with all those belts,” asked Tatiana opening her huge blue eyes wide:” It seems like everybody is a champion these days.”


How do you explain sanctioning bodies and seemingly countless championship belts to a novice? Unlike football or basketball where there is only one organization that controls the sport, boxing has a very complicated structure that one needs a college degree in science to understand. It is sort of like Wild West; whoever is more powerful controls the sport.

“I‘ve been in the game for a while now,” said veteran cut man Tony Rivera, who has been in the corner of such ring greats as Roberto Duran and Marco Antonio Barrera:” There are too many belts. I don’t even know all the champions. Any body can get a stinking belt.”

How many belts are there? Good question.


 There are four major international sanctioning bodies:

World Boxing Council or WBC

World Boxing Association WBA

World Boxing Organization WBO

International Boxing Federation IBF

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