Charitable side of Floyd Mayweather

04 Aug

Phot by William Trillo

“Did you know that Floyd Mayweather paid for Genaro Hernandez’s funeral?” asked Big Steve while chewing on a juicy piece of shish kebob we were having at Café Bravo onGlenoaks Boulevard.

“The fascinating part about it,” I replied:” Was that he didn’t want any publicity on that.”


“I didn’t ask for it, “ said Mayweather while interviewed in Los Angeles last month after the press conference that announced his September 17th return to the ring against young WBC welterweight champion, Victor Ortiz:” And whoever wrote about it thank you. Genaro Hernandez; that’s the guy that I looked up to. I was about fourteen or fifteen. I had Genaro Hernandez’s poster on my wall and I seen him fight, I think at Olympic Auditorium. He was an amazing fighter. He was one of the best fighters in the sport of boxing. Six or seven years later, there I go fighting Genaro Hernandez, very, very crafty gentleman. That’s were it all started for me. He gave me my first opportunity, my first chance.”

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Posted by on August 4, 2011 in Professional Boxing


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