A throwback fighter, John Molina

16 Jun


Photo by Michele Chong

When I hear a term throwback fighter, Ezzard Charles comes to mind. A man they called The Cincinnati Cobra fought once a month throughout his illustrious career in the forties and fifties. The biggest break he ever took was after he got brutally knocked out by Rocky Marciano in 1954 Ring’s Magazine fight of the year. Five months later Charles was back in the ring against Charley Norkus.


It is just not feasible for fighters of today to fight that often. Accomplished boxing stars are only able to fight two to three times per year, because of television dates. So I asked rising lightweight prospect John Molina why he felt he was a throwback fighter?


“Throwback fighter,” said Molina (22-1,18KO’S) when I interviewed him over the phone earlier today:” We are talking about how many fights within a few weeks you have had. I fought recently, two weeks ago and I am fighting again in a week and a half. Myself, I come forward. I throw punches. I have knock out power. People enjoy what I have to offer.”


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