Ten round query into Pacquaio Mosley showdown – Glendale Boxing |

04 May

Photo By Chris Farina

While congressman/pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao and former three division world champion, Sugar Shane Mosley made their grand arrivals at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas yesterday, I was at Starbucks on Western Boulevard in Glendale, pondering how many stories have been written about this event in the past couple of months: a thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand… I have no idea. Here are ten more questions I was posed about their much anticipated showdown.


        Fight week is here; whether you like it or not, Manny Pacquiao is facing Shane Mosley on Saturday night in Las Vegas.  With only days away from the fight, has anyone’s feelings about the fight changed, whether positively or negatively?

As this promotion has been picking up steam, I have been infected by Pacmania. The two fisted king of sweet science has never been in a bad fight and deserves all the glory he gets. His opponent, Sugar Shane Mosley said that he loves a good scrap and that is exactly what he is going to get on May 7th. With CBS involved in the promotion, could this be a first step for boxing to become a main stream sport?


Ten round query into Pacquaio Mosley showdown – Glendale Boxing |

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