Johnson crushes Green in eight

07 Nov

Late replacement to the Super Six tournament Glen” The Road Warrior” Johnson served a hard notice to other contestants brutally dominating and stopping Allan Green(29-3,20KO’S) from Tulsa, Oklahoma at thirty six seconds of the eighth round.
Johnson (51-14-2,35KO’S) who had to drop in weight at the age of 41 to enter super middleweight tournament simply seemed the stronger, more experienced fighter. “I am going to make the most of this opportunity,” said Johnson who earns a definite spot in the second stage of Super Six tournament with a spectacular win.
Coming forward from the onset Jamaican warrior landed a huge right hand that hurt Green in the middle of the first.  Allan Green was not able to keep stronger veteran off him and caught another big right hand at the end of the first. Younger and taller Green tried to establish his long jab but was unsuccessful as determined Road Warrior marched forward and landed heavy body blows. Allan Green got used to a constant pressure and opened up a bit in the third, but his punches did not seem to have an effect on Johnson until he landed a crisp uppercut that snapped Jamaican’s warrior head back. Seemingly loosing the third round Johnson came back strong and trapped Green on the ropes and almost dropped him at the conclusion. Johnson continued to apply pressure and fight on the inside roughing up his opponent. Green landed occasional flurry, but he was being pushed around all over the ring. The fight took on a rhythm of its own; Johnson kept applying the pressure and Green trying to fight back without much zest. Road Warrior landed a huge right hand at the end of the fifth that stunned Green and excited the crowd. Quiet sixth stanza was culminated by another huge right hand landed by Johnson. Like a pit bull Johnson, holding his gloves high, continued to stock his prey inflicting heavy damage downstairs. Left hook to Green’s jaw ignited the crowd again. It seemed that the outcome was only a matter of time when Johnson landed an over hand right on the temple and dropped the younger fighter for the count.
” He hit me at the back of the head a little, not intentional,” said Allan Green:” I got up, but the referee waved it off.”

“I am just happy with my performance,” said Johnson, who took the outcome of the contest out of the judges’ hands:” I felt good through the training camp and I felt good through the fight.”

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Posted by on November 7, 2010 in Professional Boxing


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