Mosley and Mora box to a draw.

19 Sep


Photo by Ray Flores

Los Angeles- In a very ugly twelve round super welterweight fight, in front of thirteen thousand five hundred ninety one  fans at the Staples Center in downtown, Los Angeles, legendary Sugar Shane Mosley and Sergio Mora fought to a draw. Judge Kermit Bayless scored the fight: 115-113 for Mora, David Denkin scored it116-112 for Mosley and Lou Moret had it 114-114 making it draw. Despite the draw fans will not be clamoring for a rematch. Despite out throwing and out landing Mora by a bit, Mosley had to settle for a draw.

In a cautious feeler out first round Mosley landed a flush left hook and rights cross to the body while Mora landed a few jabs. Nothing much happened in the second stanza which prompted the crowd to boo.  Every time shorter Mosley tried to get inside, Sergio Mora grabbed and clinched. The no action continued in the third as Latin Snake moved around trying to avoid contact and clinching in close while Shane seemed to have problems with the size and jerky movement of his adversary. Couple of big right hands allowed Shane to get closer on the in side in the fourth where he did have some success, but Mora who got hit by a head butt and started to bleed from the right eye, had his moments fighting inside. Sugar Shane continued to press the action, but the fifth frame featured more posing and fainting than fighting, which prompted fans to boo until they saw the face of Magic Johnson on the giant screen in between rounds five and six.

Mora landed a crushing right hook flush on Shane’s chin in the six that electrified the crowd for a split second, but had no effect on the legendary veteran. Mosley continued to press the action without being very effective. Latin Snake got a bit more aggressive early in the seventh thus giving some openings to his opponent. Tasting several right hands from Mosley, Mora went back on the retreat displeasing the fans once again. “These guys should get a room,” exclaimed a fan frustrated by continuous grabbing and clinching inside the ring in the eighth stanza. Mosley trapped his younger foe against the ropes and unleashed the best fire of the night in the ninth, but the Latin Snake weaseled out of the ropes and fought back landing a sharp right hand to close round number nine at which time  Mosley looked gassed. Inside brawl broke out in the tenth where Mora seemed more effective early, but then got trapped against the ropes and took some heave leather for his troubles late. Sugar Shane Mosley continued to press the action finally forcing Mora to fight against the ropes and getting the crowd excited about the action. The man with the trunks the color of Mexican flag and a sign that said Azucar( which means Sugar in Spanish) on his trunks continued to force the young boxer to fight till the final bell thus getting the crowd something to cheer about in the end.


Photo by Ray Flores

Tribal warrior, former junior featherweight champion Daniel Ponce De Leon(40-2,33KO’S) annihilated hot young prospect from El Paso, Texas, Antonio Escalante((23-3,15KO’S) via a brutal third round knock out. Straight left hand followed by a vicious right hook had Escalante on the floor senseless. “I loosened up and got into a groove,” said de Leon after the fight:” I didn’t feel his punches at all. I want a world title shot again.”

Photo by Ray Flores

Vicious Victor Ortiz (28-2-1,22KO’S) out of Oxnard, California, dropped Vivian Harris (29-6-1,19KO’S) from Brooklyn, New York four times on the way to a third round TKO victory in their light welterweight scrap scheduled for ten.

Photo by Ray Flores

Young Mexican super star Saul Alvarez (34-0-126KO’S) thrilled thunderous crowd at the Staples Center knocking out hard punching Argentine Carlos Baldomir (45-13-6,14KO’S) with a brutal left hook at 2:58 of the sixth stanza.

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