Gamboa and Rios win thrillers in Las Vegas.

12 Sep

Photo by Ray Flores

In the main event of the evening televised by HBO Boxing After Dark from Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, feather weight sensation from Cuba Yuriorkis Gamboa (19-0,15KO’S) defeated a rugged Mexican champion Orlando Salido (34-11-2,22KO’S) over twelve blistering rounds by unanimous decision and thus unified IBF and WBA world titles.

All three judges scored the fight for Gamboa: 116-109,115-109,114-109.

“It was a tough fight,” conceded a unified champion:”But I am happy with my performance.”  And so were the fans at the sold out Arena at the Pearl.“It was a great fight for the fans, continued Gamboa, 28:” it was great fight in the ring against a very good opponent and as I promised I gave it a hundred and ten percent.”

Photo by Ray Flores

The speed and explosiveness of Cuban sensation was obvious from the onset; he hurt Salido with the right hand and then with the body dominating the first round. But the Mexican champion would not be discouraged easily; he put pressure on in the second stanza and kept throwing punches despite absorbing punishment from his more talented counter part. The blazing speed of Yuriorkis Gamboa ignited the fans in the crowd as he continued to assault the Mexican champion. Salido, however, was prepared to go through hell to deliver his artilery; he continued to press forward and landed some hard right hands to culminate the round.

Gamboa dominated the fourth stanza, but Salido had his own game plan; he applied pressure, went to the body trying his hardest to turn the fight into a street brawl. Salido partially succeeded in rounds five and six; he was not winning rounds, but he was putting some leather on his opponent and giving himself a chance to win. Salido landed a flush right hand in the sixth that stunned Gamboa momentarily, but Cuban champion came back strong hurting his adversary with the left hook. A real fight broke out in the seventh as champions went toe to toe early in the round. Gamboa decided to box in the middle of the round, but it ended the same way it started with a furious exchange that lasted way past the bell.

Gamboa went for the kill early in the eighth and just when it looked like he was going to overwhelm the Mexican warrior, he got dropped off balance. Gamboa got up quickly complaining that it was a slip, but referee Joe Cortez administered an eight count. Salido smelling blood went on the attack and may be for the fist time ever took the Cuban champion into deep, deep waters, landing bomb, after bomb. To his credit Gamboa survived the round and came back strong in the ninth and tenth; he buckled the knees of Salido in the tenth, but got a few body shots for his trouble.

Gamboa went for the kill in the eleventh and unleashed furious fire. A clash of heads produced a huge gash on the fore head of Mexican champion, but he fought back trying to land to the body and marching forward.  The final stanza featured dramatic conclusion with Gamboa trying to close the show and dropping Salido off balance first and then launching intense assault that had Salido holding for dear life. As the Mexican warrior slid down on the mat holding on to the ropes, Gamboa landed the shot while Salido was down and got deducted two points and no credit for knock down. He finished strong and got the deserved win and unified the belts.

Photo By Chris Farina

Brandon Rios and Anthony Peterson waged a lightweight war on Saturday night at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas that had the fans in delirium for seven frames that seemed to go by like they were in fast forward. At the end of the seven violent rounds, televised by HBO Boxing After Dark, Anthony Peterson was disqualified for excessive low blows and Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios was announced a victor and a star. “I bring it, I always bring it! “Exclaimed elated Rios at the post fight press conference:” I will die in the ring!” He then called out WBC lightweight champion Humberto Soto.

Oxnard’s Brandon Rios had quite an entourage walking into the ring. Among his supporters were ex champions Fernando Vargas and Antonio Margarito who is scheduled to face Manny Pacquiao on November 13th. But once inside the ring, no one could help Bam Bam except his will; it would be a man against man, a twelve round lightweight bout with two undefeated prospects.

Photo by Ray Flores

Using his speed and superior boxing skills Peterson boxed well from the onset; he used his jab and several right hands that landed flush. Rios was able to get close and work to the body.

A fight broke out early in the second as Rios got close and landed several uppercuts that snapped Peterson’s head back. From that point on they fought in the phone booth with intermittent success. In the third, just when it looked like Peterson took control of the action with several scorching right hands, Rios retaliated with uppercuts that snapped his opponents head back dramatically. From that point on it was a dynamic inside brawl that seemed to favor Rios. The violent action continued all the way through the third eerily reminiscent of another lightweight bout a few years ago between Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo. Rios hurt Peterson with the left hook at the end of the round, but the east coast fighter decided to fight fire with fire and finished strong in the round that should be a candidate for the round of the year.

Peterson decided to box a little in the fourth, but could not keep determined Mexican warrior off of him. Just when Anthony decided to open up Rios dropped him with the left hook.  Unfortunately there was not enough time to follow up; the round ended. It was the war of attrition in the fifth, but Peterson went south of the border repeatedly; he got warned a few times and then deducted two points. It almost looked like illegal blows were intentional to stop the onslaught. Rounds six and seven featured the war of attrition that took the breath of most fans in the arena. Rios hurt his opponent again at the end of the seventh. Peterson threw one more low blow at the end of seventh prompting Referee Russell Mora to end the contest and disqualify Peterson for excessive low blows. All three judges had Rios winning the fight convincingly 68-62, but even though it was just, referee rubbed the fans from the dramatic conclusion that was surely coming.

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