Different strategy the same result, Marquez is victorious.

01 Aug

Photo by Marlene Marquez

Las Vegas- Juan Manuel “Dynamita” Marquez defended his lightweight crown putting on a violent boxing clinic and dominating very determined and well conditioned Juan “Baby Bull Diaz” over twelve rounds at the Mandalay Bay Event Center on Saturday night in front of boisterous mostly pro Marquez crowd. Astonishingly, Marquez out landed Diaz in every round of the fight. Judges were in agreement scoring the fight 116-112,118-110,117-111. The ageless warrior now sets his eyes on a third fight with a pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao.

“I will be ready to fight again in November, “said the champion: “So hopefully Pacquiao will take the fight. It’s the fight the fans want.”

Juan Diaz came out intending to box more than he did in their last fight, but that only played in the hand of the champion who attacked the body viciously and often. The ageless warrior unloaded crisp combinations that hurt Diaz in rounds one and two. In the third Diaz counterpunched with success, but Marquez came back with a flurry at the end of the round. Marquez dominated the fourth with picture perfect combinations.  Diaz was badly hurt several times, but remained on his feet and kept fighting back valiantly.

Houston’s fighter decided to move and box more in the fifth, but it did not help as he was stunned with a couple of big right hands towards the end of the stanza. In the sixth Diaz decided to fight more, but he was no match for sharp counters from the champion. Marquez hurt young challenger with the combination at the end of sixth and for the first time Diaz grabbed instead of fighting back. Marquez was simply a sharper more accurate puncher in rounds seven and eighth; he continued his assault with a precision of a sergeant. With the right eye half closed Marquez went on the attack in the ninth assaulting the challenger with hard shots.

Under heavy duress Diaz went on the defense while taking a serious beating. Diaz went into survival mode early in the tent, bleeding profusely from the mouth, but he came back and made a good account of himself. Desperately behind on the scorecards baby Bull Diaz came out firing on all cylinders trying to take advantage of the closing eye of the champion. Two valiant warriors, they went toe to toe in the final stanza igniting the crowd that appreciated a violent combat.They fought with honor and earned the respect and admiration of eighty three hundred eighty three in attendance.

Photo by Marlene Marquez

In the opening bout of the Pay per View telecast Venezuela’s lightweight Jorge Linares (29-1,18KO’S) easily outpointed Houston’s Rocky Juarez (28-7-120KO) over ten spirited rounds? All three judges scored it in favor of Linares: 99-90 twice and 97-92. Despite the wide margin on scorecards Rocky Juarez kept pressing the action and made the fight competitive somewhat. Linares simply looked a fighter with much better boxing skills than his opponent. Jorge Linares was also a busier fighter throwing 541 punches to Juarez’s 472, more accurate puncher, landing 193 to Juarez’s 83 and more effective puncher.

Linares won the first round with a jab and occasional combinations. Rocky Juarez pressed forward but was not successful landing blows. Linares landed a sneaky left uppercut that stunned the fighter from Houston, but Linares did not follow up, he did however land several crisp and accurate blows. Rocky found a mark for his attack in the third, but he just did not let his hands go enough to win the round. Linares landed another spectacular left uppercut that snapped Rocky’s head back in the fourth and then scored really well off the ropes at the end of the stanza. Despite his face being busted up Rocky kept pressing the action and had some success going to the body in the fifth, but Linares’s patented left uppercut dropped Rocky on a seat of his pants in delayed reaction at the tail end of the fifth. Juarez got up and the bell sounded to give him a breather. Linares pressed the action early in the sixth trying to finish the job, but Rocky recovered quickly and went back on the attack taking sharp counters for his trouble and being ineffective in rounds six and seven. Even when Rocky got inside he was getting countered by more crisp and powerful shots from Linares. Rocky landed a couple of  hard body blows to electrify the crowd and may be win the round in the ninth, he then came out like he knew he was desperately behind in the final stanza which produced a very spirited action in the final three minutes with both fighters having success.

Gilroy’s Robert ‘The ghost” Guerrero outpointed former Olympic gold medalist from Cuba, Joel Cassamayor over ten rounds contracted for light welterweight division. Complete coverage is forthcoming.

Russia’s Dmitry Pirog (17-0,14KO) claimed a vacant WBO middleweight title with a fifth round spectacular knock out over previously unbeaten prospect from New York, Daniel Jacobs (20-1,17KO’S).Crushing right hand in the fifth stanza put the lights of Daniel Jacobs out. Complete coverage is to follow.

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