Angulo is getting ready for his next challenge.

09 Jun

In order to get to the next level hot, light middleweight contender Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo has commissioned services of strength and conditioning Coach Darryl Hudson, the same Darryl Hudson that worked with Sugar Shane Mosley and recently with Chris Arreola. When I asked Darryl what was the difference between working with Arreola and Angulo, he smiled and said: “Night and day. He (Angulo) tells me that he is a grown man and that he can take it!”

Angulo, known for his aggressive, physical style of boxing, relies heavily on strength and conditioning inside the squared circle which makes addition of Darryl Hudson a match made in heaven.” He tells me to push him hard and that’s what I do,” continued Hudson: “He is a pleasure to work with.”

Currently Angulo is in training at Maywood Boxing Club, getting ready for an upcoming bout with former WBA light middleweight champion from Quebec, Canada, Joachim Alcine (32-1,19KO). The bout will take place in California dessert at Aqua Caliente Resort and Casino on July 17th, and will be televised live on HBO as a co feature to a welterweight bout between Timothy Bradley and Luis Carlos Abregu.

Long time trainer and confidant Clemente Medina mentioned that it has been challenging to find good sparring partners as of late. Watching Angulo go six rounds with Colombian middleweight Samuel Miller it becomes abundantly clear why; in the very first round Angulo traps his opponent into a corner and lands a right uppercut that buckled a knee of Samuel, who managed to stay on his feet, but took a minute and a half to get out of the corner. Miller adjusts to the pressure in the second round and starts firing back; they go at it for the next five rounds at a torrid pace with bombs landing with the sound that reverberates throughout the hot gym. The dynamic action inside the ring mesmerizes every one around the club; this sparring session is a lot more exciting than most heavyweight fights.

Hard sparring allows Angulo to be ready for anything come fight night and despite a scorching action that he is known for he could be relaxed and feel completely at home inside the squared circle.” Preparation is the key!” exclaims Medina while carefully observing every move his protégé makes. A month and a half prior to fight time Angulo is only ten pounds over the light middleweight limit. He is always in shape because he is always in the gym, even when there is no fight set; that is the mark of a true professional.

Several weeks ago WBO has ordered a purse bid for a fight between interim champion Alfredo Angulo and a true light middleweight champion Sergiy Dzinziruk. Since both of these guys have the same promoter it seemed like a done deal, but Gary Shaw had other plans. Angulo is scheduled to fight a formidable former champion Alcine. “He is a very good fighter,” said coach Medina: “My Perro will be ready one hundred percent.”

When I asked Angulo what he thought about his opponent he said:” You know me. I ‘lll fight anybody.” Answering my final question about possible future opponents, echoing the wishes of his promoter, Alfredo said: “We would like to fight Miguel Cotto.” Now that Cotto just have won a WBA light middleweight title, this could turn out to be a fantastic fight, reviving an old rivalry between Mexico and Puerto Rico. But before we could find out if Angulo is ready for a big stage, stay tuned for July 17th as El Perro takes on Alcine, or better yet, take a short drive to the dessert and enjoy the fight live, there is nothing quite like it.

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