Vasquez Marquez Quadri.

20 May

PHoto by Gene Blevins

Izzy is a term of endearment used by fans of one of the nicest guys in boxing Israel Vasquez. It is a combination of his first name shortened and a play on a word easy, an accurate description of his easy personality outside the ring. Originally from Mexico, Israel has made Los Angeles his home and won the hearts of countless fans in Southern California with his ferocious and violent battles inside the squared circle. His memorable trilogy with a rival Rafael Marquez has become an instant classic and will be a subject of conversations of boxing aficionados for years to come.


Marquez won the first one breaking the nose of his adversary, who was not able to continue. Vasquez evened up the score in their second outing, stopping the gallant Marquez, who complained about the early stoppage all the way till the third bout, which took place in March of 2008. The third bout, a dynamic and violent bloodbath, fought at the high skill level went the distance and mesmerized the fans in the arena. The outcome was only decided in the very last round when with a grossly disfigured and bloody face Izzy mounted a fierce assault almost stopping Marquez at the conclusion of the fight and thus earning a split decision victory. The brilliance, the violence and the sustained action had most of the fans in a daze for hours after the fight. Both warriors left it all in the ring that night.

Would either of them have any thing left?

“With the three fights we’ve already had, I think Marquez and I have already solidified our legacy, said Israel Vasquez:”But they asked if we wanted to do it again, so of course, I said sure. Why not? If the fans want this fight, so do I.”

Saturday night, May 22nd 2010, Israel Vasquez will take on his fierce rival Rafael Marquez for the fourth time at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.  Dubbed “Once and Four All” the contest will be televised live on Showtime Championship Boxing. Tickets are still available at the Ticketmaster or Staples center Box office.

“I believe our rivalry is far and above the best rivalries ever for one reason. Outside the ring, both of us totally respect each other as human beings. And that counts a lot to me,” continued Vasquez:” But when it’s time to fight, you know we will put forth nothing less than an all-out effort. We’ve done it three straight times and I expect the same from both of us on Saturday. My mind-set is totally on Saturday, and winning the fight. I’m sure Rafa’s is too. Physically, I am 100 percent and ready to go.’’

Photo by Gene Blevins

Rafael Marquez, ever the fierce competitor still can not let go of his last loss to Vasquez. “I lost the last round in the last fight basically because my (former) corner men made a lot of mistakes,” said Marquez during Tuesday afternoon media work out:” Instead of telling me to go out and fight, my instructions were to box and that cost me the fight. That’s one of the reasons I brought in a new trainer (former World Champion Daniel Zaragoza) to work with me. He is able to give me his full attention, 100 percent of the time. My old corner men could not.”

Just like his brother, Juan Manuel, Rafael would rather die in the ring than concede a defeat. It is that kind of warrior’s mentality that gained him popularity among fans.

“I am very excited and totally prepared to fight Vazquez again, exclaimed Marquez:” I am very confident I will tie the score. But I know I have to fight smart and never relax too much because Vazquez hits so hard. You dismiss him for a second and it could cost you.’’

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