Dzinziruk impressive at Chumash

15 May

Photo by Ray Flores

Santa Yanez, California- in the main event of the evening, broadcasted live from Chumash Casino by Showtime, WBO light middleweight champion from Ukraine, Sergiy Dzinziruk( 37-0,23 Ko’S), in his debut on American soil and television, successfully defended his title by systematically destroying and finally stopping an Australian challenger Daniel Dawson (34-2, 24 KO’S). The end came at 2:12 mark of the tenth round as Dzinziruk was landing heavy accurate blows unreturned, forcing referee Jose Cobain to stop the massacre. It was a solid performance of a very well schooled professional prizefighter.

Photo by Ray Flores

The champion showed solid fundamental skills, keeping high guard and throwing stiff jab from a southpaw stance keeping the challenger at bay. It was a careful chess match for the first three rounds. “My plan was to use the jab to make him tired and then go to the other punches,” Dzinziruk said.  “We saw some tapes of him and knew the early rounds would be tough.  Our plan was to apply more pressure in the later rounds and finish him. We’d had a long layoff and we wanted to take it easy in the beginning.”

 Both guys picked up the pace in the fourth; the champion was able to land some uppercuts and hooks while the challenger pressed forward and landed an occasional left hook and a right hand. Stiff right jab controlled the action for the champion in the fifth frame, who used it often to snap back the head of his opponent. Dzinziruk took control of the fight in the sixth with steady jab mixed in with accurate power punches.  The difference in class was even more pronounced as the champion dominated the seventh round landing a lot of clean blows. It was more of the same in the eighth as Dzinziruk landed clean effective blows almost at will. This was the time when the outcome of the contest was just a fore gone conclusion.

“Whatever we planned, it worked out.  I feel good about my performance, especially after the long layoff,” concluded Dzinziruk, who defended his title for the sixth time: “I wanted to please the American fans, and I think I did.  Now, I want to take collect a few more belts and take on the other (154 pound) champions.” 

Photo by Tom Casino

In the opening bout televised by Showtime The New Generation, undefeated light welterweight from Detroit, Michigan, Vernon Paris ( 21-0,13KO’S) escaped a first loss of his professional career with razor thin split decision victory over a tough Juan Santiago (12-4-1,7KO’S). After eight rounds of boxing that had fans on their feet for long spells of time judge’s scorecards were: 77-74 for Santiago and 76-75, 76-75 for Paris.

“It was a close fight, but the judges got it right,” Paris said.  “He was aggressive and strong and he landed a lot of good blows, but he also missed a lot.  At the same time, all of my punches landed.  The judges got it right.”

The disparity in speed and skills was on display early. Motor City resident , Paris  was landing lightning fast punches with a precision of an orthopedic surgeon, but had to settle for a 9-9 first round, because he was deducted a point for a low blow. Despite being outclassed and out boxed, slow and steady Santiago kept the pressure on and had success in rounds three and four pushing Paris to the ropes and keeping him there for long periods of time. Paris was firing back, but his punches lacked steam. Paris had a good come back round in the fifth as he utilized his superior speed and fought fire with fire, but when in round six he found himself against the ropes gasping for air, he, along with the rest of the people in the arena, knew he was in a real fight.  Paris had to dig into reserves he did not know he had to come alive in the seventh round, but when the bell rang to signifying the beginning of the final stanza both combatants came out knowing the outcome was on the line and both guys gave it their all; Paris used his speed, but every time he stopped punching Santiago took over doing damage and cornering Paris.

“I’m very disappointed,” Santiago said after he heard the decision: “I feel like I won, everyone knows that I won. I don’t know what more I needed to do to win it. I did everything I possibly could do. I fought my hardest.  Everyone thought I won that fight.”

Unbeaten cruiserweight out of Hollywood, California, Lateef Kayode (12-0,11KO) stopped a heavy banger from Miami, Florida, Jose Luis Herrera (16-7,16KO’S) at 2; 02 mark of the second round. Lateef landed a stiff jab and an overhand right to the temple to end the night. Referee Jon Schorle did not even bother to administer the count and stopped the contest raising Kayode’s hand in victory.

Undefeated junior welterweight prospect Dean” The Irish Lightning”  Byrne (12-0,5KO’S), who trains at famous Wild Card boxing Gym in Hollywood, stopped a veteran from Howell, Utah , Justo Sanchez (17-25,10KO’S) at 2:18 mark of the fifth stanza. A series of unanswered punches and wobbly legs and bloody nose forced the referee Jon Schorle to stop the contest that was dominated by Byrne.

Left hook at the end of the second stunned the veteran Sanchez, as well as bloodied his nose. In the fourth Byrne landed a couple of good uppercuts that snapped the head of his adversary, who fought back bravely, but was vastly outgunned.

Young light featherweight prospect from Hartford, Connecticut Luis “Knock Out King” Rosa (2-0,1KO) did not live up to his name and had to settle for a decision over a tough customer from Denver, Colorado, Jairo Delgado (3-6,3KO’S). All three judges scored this fight the same 40-35 for Rosa, who dominated the fight from the beginning to the end. Left hook to the chin dropped Delgado early in the second stanza, but little knock out king could not finish the job. Rosa hurt Delgado again with a left hook in the third and had him in serious trouble toward the end of the round. Referee David Mendoza was considering stopping the action, but allowed both contestants to hear the final bell.

Glendale’s own Gabriel “Gabo” Tolmajyan (9-1,3KO’S) outpointed John Wampash (1-4-1’1KO) from Miami, Florida over four rounds. All three judges scored this bout the same: 40-36. It was an ugly fight because of clash of styles.

In the opening bout of the evening unbeaten welterweight from New York, Slick Michael Anderson (6-0-1,4KO’S) overwhelmed Joshua Rodriguez (2-5,1KO) from Beloit ‘Wisconsin at 1:12 of the very first round. It was never a contest as Anderson kept throwing punches from the very beginning until referee Jon Schorle was forced to end it.

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