Williams gets a W after a strange night.

09 May

Photo by Joe Miranda

Carson, California- Saturday night, fans in a half full Home Depot Center Arena witnessed yet another bizarre ending to a boxing contest. Paul ‘The Punisher” Williams won a split technical decision victory over Kermit Cintron after Puerto Rican fighter got injured accidentally flying out of the ring in the middle of the fourth round. Judges scored the fight 40-36, 39-37 for Williams and one judge, Jerry Cantou had it 40-36 for Cintron. The fight left more questions then answers. Let’s hope Kermit Cintron is ok and is able to go on with his career.

 The early pace in the bout favored Cintron as Williams was hesitant to let his hands go ,while Puerto Rican fighter was content to counter punch. Crowd started to boo by the third round asking for fighters to engage. A fan yelled out;” Somebody hit somebody!”

Action got hot real fast in the fourth round as The Punisher started to land some hard left hands and got a hard right hand back for his troubles. And just when the crowd got into the fight a freak accident ended the night. Paul Williams tripped and went down on the canvas and as Cintron was trying to get out of the way, he tumbled over Williams and flew right out of the ring. Cintron lay listless on the floor outside the ring for a long time.  Announcer Michael Buffer explained to the crowd that because of the injury, since three rounds were completed, according to the rules of California Athletic Commision, there would be a technical decision that was announced while Citron was getting wheeled to the hospital on the stretcher.

 “I saw him try to get up.  I know he wanted to fight, “said Williams (39-1,27KO):” I know I wanted to fight.  I don’t know what to say.  It is a strange way to get a win.  I will try to get a better one next time.  I definitely don’t want to see a fighter get hurt like that.  I wanted to hurt him with a punch, not by him falling out of the ring.  But I wish the best for him and his family. I feel bad the fans didn’t get their money’s worth, but I will try harder to give it to them the next time.”

 Mexican veteran warrior Martin Honorio lost his USBA junior lightweight belt via a hard fought majority decision to a former Olympian from Dominican Republic Argenis Mendez (16-1,9KO). Judges scored the fight: 114-114,116-112,116-112 for Mendez.

“This is the start of my career,” exclaimed Mendez after he had his hand raised in the ring:” And I am very proud.”

 Honorio set the furious pace and went to the body early and often, seemingly outworking Dominican fighter. Mendez got himself into a fight with movement and sharp combination punching. It was a grueling battle with neither boxer taking full control of the action. Honorio continued to work the body, intermittently forcing the challenger against the ropes and unleashing heavy artillery downstairs. Mendez used his amateur experience to get out of danger and score in the middle of the ring with sharp combinations upstairs which were snapping Honorio’s head back.

“He did complicate me a lot,” admitted Honorio (28-5-1,14KO) afterwards:” It was a very close fight in a lot of people’s eyes. If that what the judges saw, I have to respect them.”

“I never felt his power,” boasted the newly crowned USBA junior lightweight champion, Mendez (16-1,9KO’S): “They had no power. He kept on coming and I had to use my intelligence to win the fight.”

 After six hard fought rounds Russian super featherweight Stan Martyniouk (9-0,1KO) had his hand raised. Despite being dropped in the first round by Brian Ramirez (5-3,3KO) from Chihuahua, Mexico, Martyniouk came on strong in the latter rounds earning a split decision victory on the judge’s scorecards. Judge Werner scored the fight 57-56 for Ramirez while judges Kim and Adair scored it 57-56 for the Russian fighter.

In other action, local super bantamweight Walter “The School Boy “Sarnoi (6-0,2KO’S) outworked Adrian Aleman (6-7-3, 4KO’S) over four rounds. Judges scored the contest: 40-36, 39-37, and 38-38 for Sarnoi.

Bakersfield’s welterweight Michael Dallas Jr. (14-0-1’5KO’S) needed less than two rounds to stop Daniel Gonzalez (9-29-2, 3KO’S).

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