More on Mosley Mayweather super fight.

29 Apr

Photo by Paul Hernandez


The final press conference, a prelude to the biggest fight of at least this year, which is to take place on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, was held on Wednesday at  MGM’s Hollywood Theater.

“I am happy we have three more days to figure out who is the best,” said Shane Mosley.

Photo by Paul Hernandez

“It’s been a tremendous camp, “said Mayweather Jr.:” Roger has done a tremendous job getting me ready for a fight of this magnitude. I know what it takes, hard work and dedication, prayers and belief in a good team. I believe in loyalty. I am loyal to my team. I have been with the same team from beginning to the end.”

Photo by Paul Hernandez

“This is a great fight. When we fight again, that would also be great. I have an obligation to Mayweather for fighting me.  He chose to fight me first,” said Mosley: “I think there’s resurgence in boxing. We’re putting boxing back on the map.”

Both combatants talked a bit about their strategies and what they were planning to do in the ring.

Photo by Paul Hernandez


“My father taught me my defense and no one can break through it. I just know if a punch is coming, I can feel it. And I know what my opponent’s going to do,” said Floyd Mayweather: “Be smart, be sharp and fight hard. May the best man win. I am pretty sure that Shane feels deep in his heart and deep in his soul he is going to win. “

 “There are different ways to break through his defense. In this equation, I have the long arms and the speed too, “said Mosley: “Oscar was successful with the jab. His arms are almost as long as mine. So I think the jab will be important. The plan is to be Sugar Shane Mosley. To be the best in the ring. You can expect a lot of speed and a lot of aggression. The key is going to be speed and power. I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m not worried about ring rust. “

“I’m the biggest thing, because numbers don’t lie. The proof is in the pudding, I take less punishment, I land the highest percentage and I work the hardest, “ said Floyd: “As far as drawing power and superstardom, me and Shane are not on the same level. “

“I always predict a knock out, “ concluded Mosley, WBO super world welterweight champion, whose title will not be on the line:” We are going to make a magnificent fight.”

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