Mosley&Mayweather grand Arrival.

28 Apr

Photo by Paul Hernanez

Superstars Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. and Sugar Shane Mosley made their grand arrivals at the host hotel, MGM Grand yesterday, in lieu of their long anticipated showdown on May 1st. A mob of fans and reporters greeted both fighters with fervor. Las Vegas, the Mecca of boxing, is buzzing with anticipations for a huge fight.

Photo by Paul Hernandez

“I am in a check cashing business,” said Mayweather. Considering this reception, his check might be bigger than anticipated: “All I can do is hope for the best. There is no limit to what we can do. The sky is not even the limit. If they did say a fight is going to do 700,000 homes, it will do something like 1.4 million. We can never predict a certain number. The ultimate goal is to always break records.”

Photo by Paul Hernandez


Mayweather (40-0,25KO) must have smelled money in the air as he took time to sign autographs, being extra nice to his fans.

Four to one favorite Mayweather, confident of victory, wants to make sure he will get credit he is due: “When I beat him, they are going to say he is old.”

To his credit Mayweather refused to pay a sanctioning fee for a title belt.

“All these fighters get the belts that I gave up,” said Mayweather:” When you are bigger than the sport, belts don’t mean anything. He needs a belt…A belt means something to him.”

Photo by Paul Hernandez

Humble champion Sugar Shane Mosley almost seemed shell shocked by the huge reception.

“This is what makes Sugar Shane Mosley; being able to fight, being able to box, and being ready mentally, said Shane: “I can box too. I have boxed guys I was supposed to punch out. This is what makes me Sugar Shane. Being able to box, being able to slip and slide, and being able to do everything.”

“Every time I fight, I’m looking to knock the guy out, said Mosley, 38: “I don’t think I am going to spend the whole fight trying to outbox him. I am going to do everything Sugar Shane is supposed to do.”

“Every fight has its own significance, “continued the champion: “This fight would be a great win. Beating Floyd would be a big feather in my cap.”


Insisting that Floyd’s trash talking has absolutely no effect on him, Sugar Shane Mosley concluded: “He brings a lot of mouth and we’ll see what this mouth is about. He had to fight somebody if he wanted to be considered the best.”

Photo by Paul Hernandez

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