Arreola in search of another shot at a title.

19 Apr

Photo by Miguel Salazar

Chris Arreola cried like a newborn baby in the ring, last September, when his trainer and friend Henry Ramirez stopped the whipping he was taking from a WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko. Knowing he allowed the biggest opportunity of his life slip through his fingers, Chris wept uncontrollably on National TV, but promised he would be back. In a bout dubbed “Ring of Fire”, Riverside’s Arreola (28-1,25KO) meets a former light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion from Poland, Thomasz Adamek (40-1,27KO), and this Saturday at the Citizen’s Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. Twelve round heavyweight bout will be the main event of HBO’s telecast with light middleweight battle between Angulo and Julio shown as a co- feature. Should Arreola beat Adamek, he might get another shot at a coveted heavyweight title.

“Tomasz Adamek is a proven champion and my respect goes out to him,” said Arreola:  “However, I know he’s going to run away from me.  I know I’m going to have to cut the ring off and once I get him against the ropes, I’m going to have to bang away. He’s no Vitali Klitschko.  You know, Vitali was big and rangy.  So eventually I will catch him and when I do, it’s going to be all over.”

Following in footsteps of Evander Holyfield and more recently, David Hay, former two division champion Adamek moved up to a heavyweight division in search of the most coveted prize in boxing. He promptly stopped an aged countryman Andre Golota and out boxed crafty Jason Estrada. This would be Adamek’s third fight in a heavyweight division and a real test against a big hard punching heavyweight. What makes this match up so intriguing is that both combatants have something to prove.

“I’m very excited to be fighting someone who is as able and proven as Tomasz Adamek. He’s a proven champion and he knows how to win,” continued Arreola:” But I have a lot to prove still.  After I lost to Klitschko, I set out to win a title and to prove to a lot of people that I am an able fighter.  I just thank (my trainer) Henry Ramirez for staying on my ass.  It’s something I appreciate a lot.  I’m just so excited to have this opportunity to fight again on HBO.  I just have to prove myself again.”

Even though Tomasz Adamek is 6 ft, 2inches tall as opposed to Arreola being 6ft, 4 inches, he is considered a smaller man with media comparing Arreola and Adamek to David and Goliath.

“I don’t care about this David and Goliath crap. I’m not here to preach the Bible,” Arreola insisted:” I don’t care.  I’m a fighter and that’s what I do.  I want to be in good boxing shape.  I want to be able to go a full 12 rounds.  As far as my weight, it’s just coming off. I plan to weigh in the high 230s.I consider Adamek a cruiserweight who doesn’t have to cut down.  He’s a medicated heavyweight.  I respect him but my job in this fight is to show him he doesn’t belong in the heavyweight division.  Everybody knows how I became a heavyweight.  He’s a known cruiserweight, and that’s just how it is.”

According to reports from camp Arreola, respecting his opponents credentials, Chris is dedicated himself to training and looked very sharp in sparring.

“Adamek is a great fighter,” exclaimed Arreola:” He’s won championships in two divisions.  Am I motivated? Of course I’m motivated!”

Trainer and friend Henry Ramirez echoed positive reports about Arreola’s training camp.

“Chris has done everything we have asked of him in this camp,” Ramirez acknowledged. “I think that has a lot to do with him having to prove himself.  Maybe there are a lot of doubters since the Klitschko fight, and I think a way to get some of his fans back is for him to beat a guy like Adamek.”

Tickets are still available at the Citizen’s Business Bank box office or through Ticketmaster. Don’t miss this one. It has a potential to become a historic heavyweight showdown.

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