Who are you picking?

13 Apr

Photo by Gene Blevins

As much anticipated showdown between Sugar Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather Junior is only twenty days away , the question” Who are you picking?” becomes more and more relevant.

Sugar Shane Mosley worked out for the media on Monday morning in Old town Pasadena’s kick boxing gym in anticipation of his May 1st showdown with Floyd Money Mayweather that is to take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The mega fight will be televised live on Pay Per View as well as shown in selected theaters.

“ I have always wanted to fight Floyd Mayweather and now that dream is finally coming true,” said Mosley (46-5,39KO’S):” Floyd is excellent at what he does, but my past record of beating the best competition and other great champions shows that he is just another one of my opponents I intend to beat. He has never faced anyone like me before and I think that will be a big factor on May 1 when I plan to show him just what it means to meet a true champion in the ring.”

“Margarito fight was the most dangerous fight in Shane Mosley’s life,” said Nazim Richardson, Mosley’s new trainer and an engineer of total destruction of Antonio Margarito last January:” But this fight is more important. I expect Shane to come out in the first round and hit Mayweather in the mouth with a right hand and I expect Mayweather turn into a dragon, then I will tell Shane to stay out of the fire. Shane will win because he is just a better fighter.”

Shane is very happy with his new trainer: “Naazim has definitely reenergized my career.  He is one of the hardest working trainers in the business.  You can find him in the middle of the night watching film so that he knows the other fighter inside out.  It’s all about strategy with Naazim and I’m confident with him as my trainer going into this fight.”

 Mosley, who came down to Pasadena from his training camp in Big Bear Lake , assured media members that there is no chance of him being rusty for the fight, even though he has not been in the ring since January of last year. Staying in the gym year around, Mosley is ready for his super fight right now. Shane has been getting ready for Mayweather’s speed by utilizing lightning fast sparring partners.  Undefeated Lightweight prospect, Karl Dargan, Nazism’s nephew is one of them; unbeaten junior lightweight Eloy Perez is another. Both pugs are young and super fast. Perez does defensive shoulder rolls similarly to the way Mayweather does it.

According to his publicist Debbie Caplan, Shane has had a tremendous camp and is not bothered by random tests administered by USADA organization, in fact he welcomes it. So far he has had four visits from the USADA.

“The drug testing has been thorough,” confirmed Mosley:” They have come four times already and taken blood twice and urine twice.  They just show up randomly to take it, but they come during normal hours.  It’s not like they are showing up in the middle of the night, and they haven’t disrupted my training.  In the end I think the testing is a good thing to change our sport.”

 Shane is confident of victory and is not bothered by trash talking of his opponent or the odds that were set up by the book makers: Mayweather is four to one favorite to win the fight, but Mosley believes that he is faster with more reach and harder punches and just better all around fighter.

“Floyd Mayweather is good,” said Mosley:” but I’m going to be fast.  He’s never had to deal with speed and skill like Sugar Shane Mosley’s before. I’m a full-time fighter; it’s a lifestyle for me.  I love to do what I do.”

 Former professional fighter James Wimberley picked Mosley to win by a knock out. Ring Magazine’s Doug Fisher picked Mosley on points.

“I’m going to do everything on May 1.  I’m going to attack.  I’m going to box a little.  I’m going to do it all,” continued Mosley :”The theme of this fight is ‘Who R U Picking?’  Well people should be picking me because I have proven that I can knock people out in any round.  I’m experienced and I have the speed, power and agility to win this fight.”

So who are you Picking?

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