At 38 Thompson is looking for a title shot.

13 Apr

April 16th, Tony Thompson is facing a fellow world title challenger Owen Beck (29-4, 20 KOs) in a bout scheduled for ten rounds to be televised on ESPN, Friday Night Fights. A substitute for Jason Estrada, who suffered an ankle injury during training, 33 year old Beck is no stranger to sweet science, and is coming to Memphis to win and to get another title shot, but he know he is going to have his hands full with a 6 foot five southpaw who hits hard with both hands.

After an unsuccessful title bid for a heavyweight crown against Wladimir Klitschko in 2008 in Germany, Tony “The Tiger” Thompson has been rebuilding his career and confidence. In 2009 Thompson stopped Adnan Serin in Germany and Chazz Whitherspoon in United Sates.

“I am hungrier than before because I’m so much more experienced, both in and out of the ring,” Thompson said.  “I need to get this win on ESPN, and then put my focus on getting one last opportunity to become World Champion.  I’m big enough, good enough and most importantly, smart enough now to do it this time.”

 Thompson is thirty eight years old. Could this be too late? Consider Evander Holyfield fighting well at the age of forty eight and Bernard Hopkins still being on all pound for pound lists at the age of forty five. Why not Tony Thompson?

 “I may be 38, but I haven’t taken the punishment of a 28-year old much less a 38-year old,” Thompson pointed out.  “I have a much younger body than others my age.  Truth be told, I am the only big man that has a shot of beating the Klitschko’s.  I learned a lot from my first experience against Wladimir, and I know I am capable of beating him or his brother.  Hopefully, everyone watching on ESPN2 on the 16th will feel the same way after I take care of Owen Beck.” 

 Be sure and tune in April 16th.

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