Is Floyd trying to clean up the sport of boxing?

20 Mar

Ever since earlier this year when the mega fight between two best boxers on the planet, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. fell apart, questions and debates about the cause of the melt down rage on.

 Just when it looked like that the only question about the most anticipated match up in years would be where to have it, Las Vegas or Dallas, Floyd Mayweather Jr. requested to implement an Olympic style drug testing prior to the fight. Pacquiao camp balked. Highly superstitious Pacquiao feels that drawing blood too close the fight time will take away from his strength. Mayweather Sr. publicly accused Pacquiao of being on the juice. Pacman and his people filed a defamation of character law suit. A Los Angeles judge was called in to mediate the negotiations between Pacquiao and Mayweather and to try to save the fight which would guarantee each boxer $25 million dollars, but it was too late; by this point in time only God could save the event and he decided not to meddle.

Pacquiao went on to destroy a very strong welterweight Joshua Clottey last Saturday in Dallas in front of record crowd of 51 thousand fans, in what turned out to be a one sided beating. As soon as the beating was over, every one wanted to talk about Mayweather.” Let commissions do their job,” exclaimed Pacquiao’s coach, Freddie Roach:” Just get in the ring and fight!”

Mayweather is going to face a welterweight champion Sugar Shane Mosley in Las Vegas on May first in a huge event. But what everybody is talking about is not the event itself, but the fact that Floyd forced Mosley to agree to Olympic style drug testing. Desperately needing a big money fight at the twilight of his career, Mosley would probably agree to tie one of his hands behind his back to fight Mayweather, but that is the subject for another story.

“Floyd Mayweather is trying to clean up the sport of boxing,” said Leonard Ellerbe, Floyd’s chief advisor, last Thursday during a first of its kind media telephone conference that discussed anti- doping drug testing program for Mayweather vs. Mosley:”Everybody who steps in the ring with him is going to be subjected to this.”

Even though Mayweather Mosley is a thrilling match up with a final outcome far from being certain, all casual fans want to talk about is the possibility of Pacquiao Mayweather happening later on this year. Just yesterday my banker pulled me aside and said: Say, Igor, why doesn’t Manny just take the darn drug test and fight Mayweather already?”

On the other hand, a famous boxing personality and one of the best cut men in the business, Tony Rivera had this to say about the subject: “Floyd never wanted to fight Pacquiao and he found a reason to get out of it.”

To simplify, here is the issue at hand. Does Pacquiao really have something to hide? Is Mayweather really trying to clean up the sport or is he simply trying to gain an advantage with psychological warfare?

I first called Keith Keizer of Nevada State Athletic Commission who informed me that urine anti doping tests are administered before and after the fight. No blood tests are in protocol. Similar procedures are employed in California and New York. The only blood test required in California is when a boxer is applying for a license, but that test is mostly concerned with aids and hepatitis and does not check for steroids.

Last Thursday, during a media telephone conference, Travis Tygart, CEO of United States Anti Doping Agency explained the protocol of Olympic Style drug testing that was adopted for Mayweather Mosley Fight.

According to Mr. Tygart, after the orientation, beginning from March 22nd, both athletes will be subjected to random unannounced blood and urine tests leading all the way up to and after the fight. The number of tests will not be disclosed till after the event to insure maximum credibility. Any positive result will be published following legal procedures. So why is urine test not enough? Why not do a DNA test that will only involve a hair sample?

“The chemicals that can not be detected in urine samples are HGH (human growth hormone), HBT, HBOC, and PATH” said Tygart.

According to Wikipedia HGH stimulates growth and cell reproduction and regeneration in humans and other animals. And HBT does not mean holistic body training.

“We can not afford not to do it,” said Tygart when asked about financial feasibility of the program:” Today, this is about clean athletes and their right to compete on a level playing field. I f you are clean, you have no reason not to be a part of this program. In fact, you demand it.”

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One response to “Is Floyd trying to clean up the sport of boxing?

  1. Douglas

    March 21, 2010 at 1:58 am

    Okay I just read your column. Here’s my take.

    If I didn’t know you and read it objectively, I would think of it as another biased column in favor of Pacquiao. In summary based on what you described as “the issue at hand,” and what I perceive as an attempt to masquerade the true issue at hand.

    When you describe the issue at hand as “Does Pacquiao really have something to hide” or “Is Mayweather simply trying to gain an advantage with psychological warfare,” that plays into pacquiao’s supporters argument. That description would only apply if there was nothing unusual about Manny’s newfound power, starting with De La Hoya.

    Not only do you omit Pacquiao 3-08 and Pac 12-08 as a chief issue, you don’t mention it at all. Like there is nothing unusual about jumping from 130 to 147 at age 30 and being way stronger than a boxing icon. In 9 months (never mind that’s never happened in the history of boxing). You pass on even making that a talking point at all. And by doing so give credibility to the argument that Floyd is asking for some test “only to gain an advantage with psychological warfare.” And that argument is really a bunch of crap. There is nothing psychological about how strong Manny is. His KO of Ricky Hatton looked pretty real to me.

    Here is the true issue at hand. The principal issue in this whole saga can be summed up in one question. Does boxing currently offer testing that ensures a fair fight? And my beloved brother, the Pacquiao bandwagon can keep playing politics till the cows come home, but the cookie only crumbles one way. The question I think is the true issue at hand is absurdly fair. It’s so God damn fair the Pacquiao camp runs and hides from it.

    I mentioned boxing politics and brother Igor, I do suspect you may be a bit caught in them yourself. You are a marvelously talented journalist and I love watching the great life you’ve made for yourself in that world. I’m a huge fan and you know that. But I also know its the Wild Card Gym you frequent, and not Floyd’s here in Vegas. And I wonder what your column would look like if it were the other way around? Now, I love politics and I’m not a naive guy. I look at where you stand on the Pacqiao-Mayweather controversy, and in my heart I suspect you stand where you sit. And no harm in that. I know I would. But I also know another Igor. I know an Igor who is quick to “cut the bullshit.”

    Superstitious? C’mon my brother! I have a hard time believing you buy even one penny of that one. Had Floyd said he wanted De La Hoya to test before there fight……yeah, I would have questioned that. That would be a fair example of Floyd’s just trying to gain a psyc edge (and for what it’s worth I think De La Hoya would haved laughed at him and took the test). And what bullcrap it is Pac and Freddie Roach & co are acting like this the same thing. Hardly.

    Whatever one thinks of Floyd Mayweather, we all should agree he deserves a fair fight. Boxing doesnt currently offer testing that ensures a fair fight fight. Lets cut the bullshit.

    The time has come for those involved to put aside petty politics for the good of boxing here. It’s time to get real.


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