Arreola- Adamek is on April,24th.

20 Feb

Photo by Jan Sanders

Whether Chris Arreola ever becomes the first Mexican heavyweight Champion of the world still remains to be seen. So far the Mexican American contender has done quite well for himself, using two fists as a primary source of income.  Despite loosing badly in his first bid for a title to a WBO champion Vitali Klitschko last September in Los Angeles, Arreola retained his ever growing popularity, and more than that, retained his good graces with HBO. What is the reason for his commercial success?

 “I don’t like to fight; I LOVE to fight!  I love hitting people; that’s my passion,” said Arreola during a press conference announcing his upcoming April 24th bout with ex cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California: “ Me and Thomas Adamek on April 24th are gonna go in there and beat the crap out of each other.  I’m gonna try and knock his head off and he’s gonna go in there and try and knock my head off.  I believe it can be a great fight.  I respect him as a fighter; I respect him as a man.  But, come April 24th I’m gonna come out of there with my hand raised.”

Tickets will go on sale next week priced at $250, $100, $70, and $35 and are available at or at the Citizens Business Bank Arena Box Office. For more information please visit The bout will be televised live on HBO Boxing after Dark.

The press conference to announce the event dubbed ‘Ring of Fire” took place Friday at the lobby of Citizens Business Bank Arena. Both combatants made their walk to the podium while Ring of Fire, by Johnny Cash was fittingly playing over the loud speaker.

Former light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion of the world Tomasz “ Goral” Adamek burst out on a heavyweight scene last September when he knocked out his countryman, aging veteran, Andrew Golota within five one sided rounds in Atlas Arena in their country of origin, Poland. Second test, in front of his adopted home in New Jersey, Adamek out pointed U.S. Olympian, Jason Estrada. Estrada is a very talented heavyweight with no power. Cristobal Arreola, however, is a big strong heavyweight with power. Should Adamek be able to top Arreola, the title shot will be next in his future. Aside from title aspirations, American Pollack brings his own fan base to the table.

“It was all about the fans,” said Adamek about choosing Arreola as his next opponent:”Like I said before, I am fighting for the fans.  Without fans there is no point in going into the ring.  Having a guy like Chris Arreola, who goes forward and is relentless, and everybody knows me.  I love to punch people in the mouth, there’s nothing wrong with this.  I mean this guarantees a great fight, and this is a fight that HBO and the fans wanted for a long, long time.  If I were to fight somebody boring there would be seven fans in the stands.  No point.” 

 “Honestly, when I went to the Adamek-Estrada fight I was blown away with the reception and support he had,” said Henry Ramirez, Arreola’s chief trainer and friend:” I hope we can duplicate that and even more for Chris here.  I know I am excited and Chris is excited for this fight where the winner gets back in the title picture.  Adamek is a proven fighter as far as a light heavyweight and cruiserweight, and we’ll find out what he’s about as a heavyweight on April 24th.”

  Adamek’s promoter Kathy Duva is excited to test his popularity on the West Coast. ”When it became clear the fight was going to be happening here, in some respects I’m kind of happy because I think what people may not recognize is that the Polish community in the United States is huge.  And there are many, many Polish people out here on the West Coast.  Tomasz, to these people, is a rock star.  They’re going to come out to see him. There’s going to be a lot more red and white in the arena than you’d think,” said Duva: “You’re going to see both of them giving 1,000 percent.  One thing I can say is that anybody who watches this fight on April 24th is going to be happy they did, and anybody that didn’t is going to be kicking themselves the next day.”

Chris is happy about fighting at his back yard. “The first time I fought here it was a great environment, said Arreola:” It’s close to home, so I can’t be late. “Learning a valuable lesson from his only professional defeat, Arreola seems to have a new attitude. He addressed the importance of being in shape and preparation for this bout: “I wanna come in at 240.  240 is easy; that’s my target weight.  That’s where I really do belong.  In boxing any higher than that and I’m kicking myself in the ass.  There is no excuse why I shouldn’t come in at that weight.  Thomasz comes up from cruiserweight and he fights at around 225.  And he’s a very agile guy; he’s gonna be on his toes a lot.  So, I’m gonna have to try and keep up with him because I’m gonna have to chase him.”

“Every fight there is a different guy,” replied Adamek:” So you cannot judge me on whatever I did to Estrada or Andrew Golota.  Obviously, we’ll have a special idea for Chris.  I always believe the best tactic is to think more in the ring and fight in a way the other guy doesn’t have an answer for it.”

With both warriors fully aware of the ramifications of this fight, “Ring of Fire”, true to its name, is sure to produce memorable fireworks that fans will talk about for long time to come. But just  in case this one is not enough for you, the opening bout of the telecast is a light middleweight showdown between heavy handed Joel Julio and a mad dog, Alfredo El Perro Angulo, which could very well still the show.

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