Hernadez stops Corley and Contreras destroys Castaneda

06 Feb

Photo by M.L. Preisel

Former light welterweight champion, veteran DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley (36-13-1,21KO’S) took on a rising Mexican prospect, once beaten Freddy Hernandez(28-1,19KO’S) in a ten round welterweight bout in the main event that took place at Chumash Casino on Friday night and was televised by Sho Box The New Generation.

First round produced fireworks with both guys landing some bombs and Freddy Hernadez on the floor from what looked like a punch, but referee Pat Russell called it a slip allowing the action to resume. Shorter southpaw Corley used his experience to outmaneuver young contender. Corley landed some very effective shots in the second that included wild left hands and short right hooks, but the most damage that Corley has caused came from a head butt right on the button. Corley’s head caused  younger prospect a lot of discomfort, but besides his head veteran was landing some crisp right hooks and uppercuts. In the fourth Corley went down from what looked like a punch again, but referee called it a slip as well. By the fourth Hernandez started to land some powerful body shots.

“My corner kept telling me to throw the right hand more and pick up the pace,’’ said Hernandez, who came out for the fifth with renewed intensity. “We’d seen tapes and saw where Corley slowed down a little after three or four rounds.” He  continued the body work in the fifth that set up a straight right hand which wobbled the veteran, and then another jab and a straight right hand right down the middle dropped Corley hard at 1;48 of the fifth stanza. Referee Pat Russell didn’t even bother to count as Corley was listless on the canvas. It was a brutal and spectacular one punch knock out. The crowd applauded as Corley got up seemingly unharmed. Great outing for a young Hernadez who spoke very highly of his opponent:“His experience gave me lots of difficulties. That and the fact he was a southpaw and that we only had a week’s notice to prepare. I fought a southpaw before (Damian Frias on Oct. 23, 2009, on ShoBox) but I had a month to prepare for that. I cut in all my fights so I wasn’t concerned about them.This is definitely my biggest victory. To knock out an experienced former champion who never gets knocked out is great.’’

Photo by M.L. Preissel

In the first bout televised by Sho Box The New Generation, undefeated Dominican lightweight Francisco Contreras (13-0,12KO’S) demolished his Mexican opponent , Juan Castaneda(16-3-1,12 KO’S) by 1:38 of the very first stanza.  Off the ropes Contreras landed a right hand left hook and followed up with four more punches that dropped Castaneda, who tweaked his knee on the way down. Referee Jerry Cantu counted till ten and just like that the fight was over. Lanky Contreras looked very relaxed in the ring.

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