Danny Green calls out B- Hop.

17 Dec

Photo by Joe Miranda

Who is Danny Green? Not many American fight fans knew who he was until recent developments. Ten days ago in Australia, IBO cruiserweight champion Danny “The Green Machine” Green stopped a boxing great, Roy Jones Jr. in a very first round of their bout. What was supposed to be nothing more than a tune up fight, a prelude to a much anticipated rematch with Bernard Hopkins, turned into a nightmare. Ironically, Danny Green won the cruiserweight title stopping an Argentinean veteran Julio Cesar Dominguez only a few short months ago, in Biloxi, Mississippi, on the undercard of Jones Jr. and Lacy fight.

Photo by Joe Miranda

 “I won the IBO cruiserweight title against a little known Argentinean, Dominguez, “said Danny Green when I interviewed him on Saturday: “He was a tough guy, but I took care of business on the undercard of Jones and Lacy fight. That’s what set the whole thing up. What I have always wanted to do is to make a name for myself and to put bread and butter on my family’s table. So than to take Jones out in one round, I am very proud of that. I asked Jones to fight in America; I would have done it for free.”

While Danny Green took care of Roy Jones Jr in one round, across the globe in Philadelphia, forty four year old Bernard Hopkins dominated rugged Enrique Ornelas over twelve rounds, demonstrating youth and agility of a young man defying Mother Nature. Upon hearing of a disaster with his future opponent, trying to salvage a fight with Roy Jones Jr, Hopkins claimed that the bout in Australia was stopped prematurely and considering his legendary status Roy Jones should have been given a chance to get back into a fight. Unfortunately for Hopkins, at this time, he might be the only person on this planet who still wants to see a rematch with Roy Jones materialize.

Last Friday, according to Green, as he was leaving the scene of a crime, Sydney Australia, Acer Arena, a place where he retired Roy Jones for all practical purposes, Danny ran into Larry Mullen, a personal friend of Bernard Hopkins. As they chatted about his fight and Hopkins bout that took place the same day, Larry left a voice message for Hopkins, then Danny got an idea and told Larry:” I want to leave a voice message too. It was three o’clock in the morning and after he redialed, I left message – Hey Bernard,It’s Danny Green calling. You called me a tomato can; you called me a few things. That’s cool. You are a legend. I respect you. I just knocked out your nemesis in one round. Let’s do this. Let’s make this fight happen. If you are serious, please call me and let’s do this.”

The idea to fight Hopkins took on a life of its own, mostly inside Green’s head. And a week later he hopped on a plane and flew to California to meet with his promoter Gary Shaw to see if this fight could be made.  And so on Saturday afternoon, prior to Bradley Peterson fight, we met Danny Green and his promoter at a restaurant in Aqua Caliente Casino to discuss his idea. “He would not fight Bernard Hopkins for free, “said Gary Shaw: “Only Roy got that opportunity.”

“It makes sense to me to stay at cruiserweight,” said Green considering a weight issue in fighting with Hopkins:” It would make sense for Bernard too, since he could move up in weight and win a new title. It’s all kind of fits in together. Scratch Roy’s name off the contract, put my name in, add a few zeros and we got a deal.”

When asked what it would mean to him to fight Hopkins, Danny Green replied: “He is such a cagy old fox. He is such a shroud man both inside and outside the ring. For me personally to take down two legends in a row, it would be, forget pinching myself, I would have to shoot myself, it would be amazing!”

What are the chances of this fight taking place? “We are going to make an offer,” said Gary Shaw, Green’s promoter:” Danny just flew in this morning. Once Danny gives me the go ahead, I will contact Richard Schaefer and I would like to get HBO involved also and to see what they are willing to pay.”

Would Santa Clause bring Danny Green his wish this Holiday season and set up a fight with Bernard Hopkins? Who knows? Stanger things have happened. In truth, the reason we love boxing so much is because it is the theater of the unexpected, in and out of the ring. Stay tuned for further developments.

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