John Molina headlines a show in Pechanga.

25 Nov

John Molina and his trainer Joe Goossen

Since turning professional in 2006 undefeated lightweight prospect John Molina has amassed a record of eighteen wins, no losses with fourteen knock outs. Twenty six year old young man from Covina, California has been developing as a pro under a watchful eye of Joe Goossen at his boxing club in Van Nuys. His team believes he is ready for a big test, which is exactly what he gets facing a Mexican veteran Martin Honorio in a ten round bout this Saturday at Pechanga Resort and Casino. Aside from being a main event the fight will be televised live by ShoBox The New Generation.


“I can’t wait for Nov. 28. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas,” said Molina: “I know I always say it’s my ‘launching pad,’ but this is really it. This is my coming-out party. Everybody knows that I’ve arrived in this weight division and I’m a force to be reckoned with. I’m staying at lightweight. I felt a lot stronger in my last fight, the way I obliterated Hinojosa. I’m a dominating figure in there. I’m going to be stronger than anyone in there. Right now, I feel like I’m on top of my game and it‘ll only get better and better from here. I’m more afraid of losing my edge than being lazy.”

His opponent Martin Honorio from Mexico is a big step up in class and a very stern test. Honorio is also tall for the weight class, he has good power in both hands and he knows how to box. In 2005 Honorio out boxed a current featherweight champion Steven Luevano and in 2006 he defeated rugged African Roger Mtagwa, the same Mtagwa who recently nearly stopped Puerto Rican superstar Juan Manuel Lopez.

In his last fight that I witnessed ringside, after being deducted two points for low blows, Honorio stopped a veteran Ricardo Medina in the fifth round at the Tachi Palace in Lemoore, California. I asked John if he was prepared to deal with low blows. “ If he hits me low, “ said Molina smiling; “ I will hit him right back and then I will bite his year off, like Mike Tyson. But all the joking aside, I am ready for any thing in the ring.”

Molina looks like he means business and he knows he has a tough test in front of him. “He’s very crafty. He beat Steven Luevano, which speaks volumes about his ability,” Molina said of Honorio. “I’ve got to be on my game because the guy can clip me. He’s been around the block. He’s been in there with the best. He’s beaten the best and he’s a credible name. We’re both rangy fighters but, to be honest, I don’t think he’s ever been in there with someone that possesses the power that I do. I think the styles match perfect. But I can’t guarantee how long it’s going to last.”

A true veteran Honorio, who lost his father during his fight in Mexico in 2000, is equipped to deal with adversity in and out of the ring. “It was an eight-round fight,’’ Honorio said. “It was a real bloodbath in Mexico. I guess it was too much for my dad to see, and he had a heart attack and died.” If Martin is able to go on with his career after watching his dad die, Honorio should have no problems with whatever comes his way inside the squared circle. Mexican veteran thinks his experience will be the difference in the fight on Saturday night. “I’ve seen a little of John Molina, “continued Honorio:” He’s a young comer, he’s undefeated, and he looks strong. He’s got a punch. I’m preparing 100 percent. I’m training tremendously hard, getting ready for a 10-round fight. Since Molina’s young, I want to take him into the deep water and drown him.”


I came to check up on Molina at the Joe Goossen’s gym in Van Nuys on Tuesday as the training camp was winding down. One thing is for sure; John Molina does not skip training sessions, he is always in the gym.

” Today I am going to do a light routine, just to sweat,” said Molina: The training is pretty much over. We are going to Pechanga on Thursday.” Then he asked me to check his stomach; it was hard as a rock. “I am completely dedicated to the sport,” said Molina: “I was born for one thing only to be in the ring! I am willing to die in the ring!” Let’s hope nobody has to die on Saturday night, but considering the attitude of both combatants, this should be a special night.


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