Will Yonnhy be able to dethrone the king?

25 Oct

Next Saturday, Halloween night at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, Yonnhy Perez will have a chance to realize his life dream of becoming a world champion when he challenges Joseph King Kong Agbeko for the IBF bantamweight title. The twelve rounds or less contest will be televised live by Showtime championship boxing and promises to be a thrilling firefight. “This could be the fight of the year,” said the champion, Joseph Agbeko .Both guys are hungry and excited to be fighting in Las Vegas on national TV.



“When I was growing up, we always talked about fighting in Las Vegas for a world title.” said Perez:” It was just a dream of mine.  Now, it’s amazing that the dream is becoming a reality.” Undefeated Colombian challenger has gotten to a title fight the right way: he has earned it. “It’s hard to keep him out of the gym,” said Danny Zamora, Perez’s trainer:” He’s always eager to get in there and train.  This guy wakes up at 4 a.m. to run every single day.  He’s a work horse. “Aside from being a work horse, Perez has earned a number one IBF ranking by beating nineteen opponents over four years, fourteen by a knock out. After an extensive amateur career and a service in a military, Yonnhy turned pro four years ago at the age of twenty six and has been perfect so far.



Earlier this year team Perez took a huge chance by going to South Africa to fight Silence Mabuza in an IBF title eliminator. Behind on all the judges score cards Yonnhy Perez has scored a spectacular knock out in the final frame of the fight and thus earned the right for a title shot. “I expect the best out of Agbeko. I know he’s a great champion and he’ll come prepared.  I hope he comes 100 percent so we can give the fans the very best,” said Perez about his upcoming challenge during a media work out last week:” It’s an honor and a huge responsibility fighting for my fans in Colombia.  Everyone in Colombia thinks a lot of me and expects me to pull this off.  The media in Colombia cover me and this fight non-stop.  I feel a lot of pressure to represent them and win.”


The challenger Yonnhy Perez is strong and skilled boxer-puncher. According to his trainer he does not watch many films, instead he adopts to his opponent in the ring, but he can box as well as he can brawl and so far he has been able to impose his strength and will on his opponents This however might be a tall order in his bid for a title against the African champion. Aside from being very hard to hit, Joseph King Kong Agbeko is a very rough customer in the ring. The champion has a confidence level to match his skills.


“I think he’s the best challenger for me right now.  After him, I’ll beat the rest,” said Agbeko while working out for the media last week at the Santa Fe Activity Center: “I’m representing Africa. It’s my duty to defend the good name of Ghana with a win.  We’ve had great champions before and I will continue that.  God chose me to be King Kong.  When I was born, my dad gave me the name.  That’s why I wanted to become a world champion.  I was destined for greatness.  This name was a message from God. “

Twenty nine year old Agbeko (27-1,22KO’S) dethroned Luis Alberto Perez in September of 2007 to capture the IBF bantamweight crown and has no plans of relinquishing it. He demonstrated his skills and rough bruising style when he dominated favored Vic Darchinyan defending his title in Florida past July.


” I like Yonnhy, he’s a nice guy.  Not like Vic Darchinyan,” continued Agbeko:” He’s come to my fights before, but that doesn’t mean I won’t beat him.  I’m the only one that can beat him.  After that, I’m going to beat the rest of the bantamweights. I’m going to knock him out.  It’s going to be the prettiest fight of my life. King Kong is going to beat Yonnhy Perez and all of the bantamweights.  I’m going to prove I’m the one and only King Kong, and then I’ll beat the rest.”



Perez does not seem intimidated; being an unbeaten contender on the way up, he is confident about his chances.” Nobody expects the guys who are climbing up the ladder to win.  People always expect it to be the guys at the top, said Perez:” I really don’t care what people think about my chances in this fight. I’m going up the ladder and I’m going to win. “


Will Yonnhy take over the crown or will the King Kong Agbeko rein supreme? No matter who wins, this is the kind of compelling match up that is very good for boxing and especially good for the fans. Stay tuned as I go to Las Vegas to report on further developments and to cover the battle.

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